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Wednesday May 28, 2008 2:59 pm

Animasher Makes Simplified Animation

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We would love to do more animation if we could get the hang of Adobe or afford the software. We found a beta site recently, Animasher, that can make even the most incompetent into an instant cartoonist. You drag and drop objects around the frame, add background, text, music, special effects, and/or speech. Adjust them individually for time and placement, save, and voila! You got


animation. We wonder if ATHF started this way.

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It seems like a good idea in a way. I am not into Animation creation, but I know some peeps who are, so ill inform them about this site.

Looks like a simple & good program.is it free btw ?

“I beleive ,such tools are for time wasting or for using as fun ,animation is big and hard bussiness.But its nonetheless still good for kids i guess”

If shows like South Park and the previously mentioned ATHF have taught us anything, poor quality animation doesn’t matter if your show in genuinely funny.

Looks like a good way to get your feet wet in animation. I love new software to play with

ahh finally, a site made for people like me raspberry
I’ve never heard about it before, but I just tried it out and it looks like a fun way to waste some time!  sure its not the most professional thing in the world, but its still an amazing little web tool

sounds like it would be alot of fun to mess around with. Would be appealing the kids. Gives them somehting fun to do. You can use music, special effects and all would be interesting what people would come up with on this.

lol @ ATHF, it does look like it would take about 5 minutes to make each one with a program
this looks like the kinda thing i would do when im bored, i always look for something new and random to keep myself entertained

This service is still in beta so it would be better to wait before trying it.  It sounds like it provides you with a very easy way to make animations.  I’ve made animations before frame by frame and it took a lot of work!  This website makes it fun.  Props to Animasher for coming up with a service like this.

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