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Sunday June 1, 2008 6:35 pm

31 Days of the Dragon: Win our HP HDX Dragon computer package - The Rules

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Yesterday, we kicked off our week-long contest, where we are giving away an Dragon computer package, worth over $5,000 if you were to purchase each piece on your own. First, the details on what exactly we are giving away:

  • HP HDX Dragon Notebook: This system ships with the 64-bit version of Windows Vista Ultimate, and features a 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Extreme X9000 processor., 4GB RAM, 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTS, 500GB hard drive, and boasts a 20.1-inch 1080p display. It’s meant to be for play as much as work, and to that end, it also packs a Blu-ray ROM with SuperMulti DVD double layer burner, integrated TV tuner, webcam and microphone. If you went and bought this yourself, it would cost $4,500 USD. But we’re not done yet…
  • Microsoft Office Professional 2007: That means Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access, and Accounting Express, all in one package. Retail value on that is $225.
  • Corel PaintShop Pro X2: Retail value of $73.99
  • Corel Painter Essentials Retail value of $79.99
  • Corel Ulead Video Studio Plus 11.5 Retail value of $79.95
  • Gears of War: retail value of $49.99
  • Viva Pinata: Retail value of $37.99
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Retail value of $44.99
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X Expansion Pack: Retail value of $34.99
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl - Blu-ray: Retail value of $22.95
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest - Blu-ray: Retail value of $22.95
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End - Blu-ray: Retail value of $22.95

Okay, interested? We thought so. If you want to see everything in more detail, check out our HDX Giveaway contest videos. These will give you more insight as to how the contest is going to work, a look at all of the prizes that are being given away, and a detailed unboxing of the Dragon notebook.

We will be using Gear Live Points to determine a winner. However, we have custom Point values set for this contest. Points earned for this contest are as follows:

  • Becoming a member: 100 points
  • Upload a member photo: 50 points
  • Choose or upload an avatar: 25 points
  • Posting a blog comment: 1 point
  • Posting a gallery comment: 1 point
  • Assign a forum signature: 10 points
  • Posting a forum topic: 1 point
  • Posting a forum reply: 1 point
  • Vote in a poll: 3 points
  • Choose favorite Gear Live site in profile: 2 points

As always, if you are found abusing the Points system, by doing things like posting an excessive amount of comments or forum entries that are obviously just meant to inflate your score, you will suffer a loss of Points. This is at Gear Live’s discretion. So, seriously, contribute to the conversations.

BONUS POINTS: Want to earn bonus Points? Who doesn’t? I always enjoyed extra credit back in school, so we figured, why not rekindle those memories of yesterday? We’ve come up with a few ways that you guys can earn bonus Points in this contest.

  • Subscribe to Gear Live RSS feeds: We have a bunch of sites in our network, and each one has an RSS feed. For each feed that you subscribe to, you will earn 10 points.
  • Subscribe to our shows in iTunes: We have a bunch of video shows listed in iTunes. For each one you subscribe to, you will earn 15 points.
  • Subscribe to Bleeding Edge TV in Zune: Subscribe to our show in Zune to earn 10 points.
  • Review our shows in iTunes: In iTunes, review our shows. For each one you review, you earn 5 points.
  • Follow us on Twitter: If you have a Twitter account, follow Gear Live and/or Andru Edwards. You get 5 points for each.
  • Friend us on Facebook: Become a friend of Andru Edwards, and/or a fan of Gear Live on Facebook. You get 5 points for each.
  • Subscribe to us on YouTube: Head on over to YouTube and subscribe to Gear Live videos to earn 10 points.

In order to get these bonus points, head on over to the HDX Bonus Points thread, and post screenshots proving you did any, or all, of the above. You only get one post in that thread, so if you plan on doing them all, make sure you put all the screenshots into one reply. So there you have it, a few ways you can add some bonus points to your score in your quest to win the HDX Dragon computer package - and each of them helps out Gear Live in some way.

For the final nitty gritty, some contest rules.

  1. First, the winner is chosen at Gear Live’s discretion. If you end up with the most points, but did it by spamming our comments and forums, you will not be walking away with the prize package. Try to contribute to the conversation, and have interactions with other users. This isn’t open to bargaining. No spamming.
  2. Anyone in the world can win, not just those in the US. HP and Buzz Corps, the sponsors of this contest, will make sure that you don’t have to pay any out-of-pocket taxes or duties, no matter where we are sending the prize.
  3. No spamming.

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Forum Discussion

Awesome, thanks! Best of luck to everyone who enters. smile Is it alright if you link to the bonus thread on the original post? I believe it’ll make it easier for a lot of people.

What exact time and date will this giveaway end? Thanks. smile

Thanks I have already gotten started! This has been an interesting contest so far, and I have learned so much, more then what I knew before.

Thank you Andru, I read the rules.

Andru, is this contest going to end at 12:00 Jun 7? (GMT -8:00)?

thanks for the chance

Great. Does the contest end on the 6th day or the 7th day? Just wondering.

- BoogerJay

Thanks for the rules Andru.That should answer all of our questions regarding the rules. smile

Don’t worry, no one’s going to break the rules. Thanks for providing them though.

Yeah there were a bit of spamming earlier before he posted the official rules but i think it was natural when you donno what you exactly need to do.But now it’s quite steady & stable & no spamming is being done & we can see everyone is playing fairly now.So, the rules actually helped a lot.Thank you Andru. smile

   • Reply to this forum thread


This will be a nice upgarde from my HP dv1000 just love Hp Laptop and this HDX look amazing and with Blu-Ray it’s a plus watch movie in HI-Def will be crazy and I want to use the program Office 2007 that’s a great App to use for school work.

I need a new computer badly my dv1000 by HP it’s a little slow and I need something faster for Photoshop, and with 20.1 screen I can get alot done in a hurry and I like the remote also that’s a nice so that you can kick back and a watch your movies.

Hah, just got kicked off my pc because my wife wants to go on Hi5.. another reason i need a laptop

i have very low model of laptop. This will give me chance to win my dream laptop. If i win this laptop then it will be dream come true.

I like the idea of the bonus entries!  Definitely a smart way to advance the network as a whole past just the forums.

Really like the idea of extra bonus the only thing is that my logon names are not all the same for each one of these sites. So this could be an issue.

@jess1ca:  That shouldn’t matter—as long as you post the images that prove you did what the bonus entries required.  I think it would be better to just post the links instead of actually posting the images.  The pages would load quicker and it’d be easier for the Mods/Admins to verify the winners’ bonus points.

definitely good idea to choose winner. But is there anyway we can know how far we lack from top scored person

i have updated my photos but points are not added. is there anything i have to do.??

wow i want this notebook sooooo bad…..

I have subscribed to youtube also. but its point also didn’t add up ?

Eh? But what if we don’t have iTunes? Is there an alternative?
But yay, I will have a lot to read in Thunderbird XD

Nice add for the Bonus points, but it won’t be a big issue for those who has already got over 500+ points. I’m giving up because I know that I can’t live 24/7 on Gear Live to make point, I will get a life. I’m now posting as normal contributor. I post because I want to not because I have to!

Do the points for the polls pertain to just the current polls that are going on, or also past polls that this site has given?

This laptop looks great. *If I win* I will finally be able to play gears of war and then create a video review :D

Will the Bonus point be added to your Gear Live score points or are they just for this contest?

Wow… You have come up with the smartest way of Contest.
I love winning something after working very very hard for it. I am going to explore this site and contribute the best.

Thank you

Hehe I am very excited about this contest. Hopefully my previous posts are usuable for this contest.
Maybe all that hard work of posting back in the day will come to grant me a computer :D
First contest i’ve participated in for Gearlive.

Third day of the contest and still going

Ends on June 8th. Trying my luck on to win this beauty!

It’s day 4 and I can tell that the posting will keep going at rapid speeds. wink Oh my goodness, this is going to turn out super neat when it ends and the Gear Live team are frantically looking at everything…our posts, our threads, our topics, etc.

Thank you for finally starting to remove some of the spam that has been plaguing the forums!  However, none of us have gotten an answer on when the contest ends.  Could you please post an update as to the exact time and date (and time zone) that this contest will be ending?

with the HP Dragon Notebook Giveaway i think the one who will win this precious and gorgeous notebook will make a revolution in his usage of the technology, I really need this great notebook i really don’t have one and this powerful notebook will give me much more support in my life more than my 5 years old PC.
Good Luck for everyone especially me,,,

It’s the notebook of my dreans!!

Thanks for clearing up the forums and removing some of the spam, Gear Live. I know you all are probably super busy, but I think we all appreciate it.

@BobbyT: The person with the most points wins the laptop, according to Gear Live. However, Andru has mentioned that spammers will be disqualified.

For those wondering why their post/comment was removed, view the announcements in the forum.  The host of this website accidentally restored an old backup so a lot of posts and comments were gone as a result. 

If you check the forums you’ll also notice that an official deadline has been announced.  The contest ends on June 6 11:59 PM PDT!

I really need this laptop. I;ve followed all the rules. The last few hours have arrived and I’ hope I win. Good luck and make the best person win.

Best of luck everyone! I’m excited to congratulate the winner because I think I know who the person is…I think, haha. Thanks Gear Live for making this such a fun and fantastic week.

You too jess1ca. I doubt I’m going to win, but I bet you will though.

that is a great deal. i hope i can win it. why is hp doing this?

I think HP is doing this roby01 to show compassion and let people, the winners, experience the blessing.

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