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Sunday June 1, 2008 4:39 pm

Introducing Gear Live Points

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We’ve been working on a way to recognize you readers who participate here on our network of sites at Gear Live, and we are happy to announce the launch of Gear Live Points. In a nutshell, Points are awarded to users whenever they take any sort of interactive action on Gear Live. We think it’s a fun way to spice up your daily visits to the site.

You earn points for all the following actions:

  • Becoming a member: 100 points
  • Upload a member photo: 50 points
  • Choose or upload an avatar: 25 points
  • Posting a blog comment: 1 point
  • Posting a gallery comment: 1 point
  • Assign a forum signature: 10 points
  • Posting a forum topic: 2 points
  • Posting a forum reply: 1 point
  • Receiving a forum reply: 1 point
  • Vote in a poll: 3 points

You must be logged in to earn points, and you can see the total amount of points you’ve earned right at the top of all pages. We are coming up with some cool things you will be able to do with your points, so stay tuned for that.

To kick off the launch of Gear Live Points, we are running a contest - our HP HDX Dragon giveaway. Good luck to all participants!

NOTE: Those found abusing Gear Live Points (like posting excessive comments/forum posts that don’t say anything or contribute to the conversation) will suffer a loss of points. This policy is at Gear Live’s sole discretion.

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Forum Discussion

Good work Andru!

This is a very welcome addition to Gearlive and will invite more people into the community.

Everytime I try to upload a photo, it never works. I think there’s some type of bug.

Everytime I try to upload a photo, it never works. I think there’s some type of bug.

Dude, what’s with all the wrestling avatars? wink

Okay, so uploading an image is failing for you…are you respecting the size limits?

Everytime I try to upload a photo, it never works. I think there’s some type of bug.

Dude, what’s with all the wrestling avatars? wink

Okay, so uploading an image is failing for you…are you respecting the size limits?

Yes and just to inform you, a few others and experiencing the same problems.

I am glad that the points value has been posted. I dont suppose you would post who is in the lead or where everyone stands at this point? It would be interesting to know since some of these people have been in here for a while now.

i did not want to change the subject but what polls are you talking about. i only saw and that was in march 24.

Yes I am facing the same problems! To be more precise am listing them here:

1] Cannot update avatar, photo. I was uploading a 150x150, 81 KB file but no dice :|

2] Sometimes when clicking on a forum, I get the error: You are not authorized to view this forum :S

3] Some forums do not open giving some silly error

4] Please please please for heavens sake dont judge the posts like it was done on Notebooks.com :S According the admin of that site, Spammers = winners

5] Sometimes the site doesnt display properly in FFox….. :S But when I opened it in IE, it displayed fine! Any idea why?

I’m experiencing my points dropping down to 0, to not displaying at all, to coming back. Is there a delay on the points update?

- BoogerJay

I still cannot post in the forums! Error that I am receiving:

The following errors were encountered
You are not authorized to view posts in this forum.

After reading your post Andru, i’ve uploaded a member photo & installed a sig but my points didn’t increase.Will they be credited later ? I thought they are instant.No worries though. smile And yes, this looks more like a WWE thread. tongue laugh

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Andrew to be honest, it’s good move but not great, However i find it hard to monitor everyone and It will be also making the forum full of pointless polls and topics, like “What is your”, “How old are you?!” :D

We will be like robots. IMO, Points should be added over quality content no matter how many posts or topics.

I think the only way to make points effective is the presence of enough MODs to manage topics and posts.

Thanks for the last paragraph’s policy, now it’s much more fair. Originally I wished the points table wouldn’t be disclosed, but I guess it’s much better now we know that we can use out points! :D

Nice to know the layout of the points.  I also think that there has been a GREAT influx of new threads with the “How are you?” “How much will you sleep?” type.. I’m not pointing any fingers, but I don’t need to, we all know what im referring to.  If you want to win this prize, win it fair.  With honor, not by posting so much crap that it doesn’t even make sense.  I mean I saw people who joined yesterday (like me) and already have 200+ forum posts.. I’m sure ALL of them contribute to the community (heh).

Have a good one.

Thanks for the information on distributing the points Andru.I actually uploaded a member photo & installed a sig after reading your post but my points didn’t increase a bit i donno why.

Thanks for the information but as sushrukh said about not getting points for putting up a sig and that, i don’t think my points increased after I did that or after I uploaded an avatar. As for uploading a member photo I’m having issues with that. Otherwise its a nice feature to add especially since you will later be able to use the points.

Hey Andru, do you think there should ba a leaderboard?

Thanks for the information, I do have a few questions.  I have a photo and I have tried changing my avatar, no change in points, still at the original amount except for maybe a few posts,  Will the points catch up with us later? 

I would also like to thank you for the last paragraph “Notes” I hope more people pay attention to this.

Why is it that I did all of the basic stuff and no points are awarded? I only get points for comments. Polls, avatars, photos, forum signatures, none of them change my points level. Do you take it into account at the end?

This is probably the best contest thusfar.

Random selection sucks…
Taking pictures or making audio is no good since it gives unfair advantages to those who know how to use editing software (just listen to the winners at neowin.net, they are all professional-like audio clips)...

Heck, one site stipulated that you had to be a member BEFORE the start date of the 31dotg contest…what a joke.

This contest is fun way of doing it.

jess1ca, after it refreshes you should see the text: “Thanks for voting in this poll!”.  That is what I see.

i must say this system is a very good way to “reward” your users. All forums should use this.

Surely the HP Dragon Contest will kick off your New Point System. I hope even after this contest, there will be interesting things to redeem our hard earned Points.


Its getting a little ridiculous on the forum.  People are just posting random questions, several times over so they not only can get the thread-creation credits, but by flooding the forum with tons of meaningless threads there is increased chance that there will be replies in some of the threads.

Its a little ridiculous when you see thread after thread posing questions like:
“hey what color do you like?”
“whats your favorite sports team?”
“whats your favorite console?”

This kinda stuff really doesnt enhance the community, or on what gearlive is predicated.

i like the way the points is set up. i hope the best for everyone

Thanks, it seems pretty simple and that computer is a monster!!

Like the idea. I better start racking up those points!

I find that contests using this format usually result in people being banned and/or disqualified I really hope this doesn’t happen here..

Mentioned this idea in the forums, but wouldn’t it make things interesting if each message post that was deemed spam by the powers that be deducted 2x the point value from the spammer. Some would have a negative point value already.

This is a pretty cool idea. Put points on anything and it motivates people lol.

I have a lot of points right now. I have contributed to the site mannerly. A bit late to say, but thanks for the info.

hey people how do you get prizes and stuff please reply asap smile

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