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Wednesday January 2, 2008 6:50 pm

iPhone 1.1.3 Q&A: Batch Two

iPhone 1.1.3

UPDATE: In case you thought this was fake, Steve Jobs just confirmed that our 1.1.3 coverage is real in his MacWorld 2008 keynote.

We’ve been getting hit with tons of iPhone 1.1.3 questions on our 1.1.3 forum thread. In case you missed it, check out our iPhone 1.1.3 video - if you have questions, check out our first batch of 1.1.3 answers. If you still have questions, read the rest of this post, as we answer even more of your questions. If we missed anything, let us know, okay? By the way, if you are looking for an excellent program to create custom ringtones for your iPhone, check out iPhone RingToneMaker.

I have 1.1.1. when i play a song on the ipod and start surfing using safari the music stops. i believe this is a bug. i tried this on a 1.1.2 iphone in the apple store and also experience the same behavior. can you please check if this is fixed in 1.1.3? (Asked here)

This isn’t so much a bug in 1.1.2 as it is a protection. The music will stop playing if the web page you are visiting consumes too much memory. When you load a page in Safari, if it needs more memory, it will unload pages in other tabs. If that isn’t enough, it talks to Springboard, which will start closing other applications, one of which is iPod.

That said, in our testing on 1.1.3, we were able to both listen to music and browse in Safari at the same time.

Do you have any idea how much of this is going to apply to the iPod touch? (Asked here)

I am sure the iPod touch will also gain the ability to move icons around. However, the touch doesn’t have the SMS or Maps apps, which is where a lot of the new features are found.

Any idea on when Apple will release this firmware to the general public? (Asked here)

We don’t have any knowledge of when this firmware will be released to the public.

Is there a way to turn off sms popup notifications in the settings yet? I am an avid twitter user and get around 50,000 text messages a month on my iPhone, and hitting ignore gets tiresome. (Asked here)

Unforunately, this is something we were hoping to see implemented as well. Alas, it isn’t in there. You’ll have to put up with SMS pop-ups for the time being.

One question: with the 1.1.3 release, are notes synchronised with Mail? (Asked here)

Note are still not synchronized with Mail. However, this functionality would likely require a new version of iTunes as well, which we do not have.

What’s the Baseband Version???? (Asked here)

We won’t be giving up the Baseband version number, but we can confirm that it has been updated.

Can you still hack the iPhone (version 1.1.3) so you can use any sim card you want. I know there are many methods, but are they all now obsolete! (Asked here)

We don’t do any SIM unlocking, but it seems that Apple has patched these up for the time being.

Does it come with spanish language and spanish keyboard? (Asked here)

No Spanish keyboard or language yet.

Have there been any changes to view more applications in Landscape Mode? (Asked here)

Not that we have found.

Does 1.1.3 allow for different signatures for different email accounts or choosing an account to email from when sharing websites, etc? (Asked here)

No, you still only get one signature.

Group SMS - does it only support adding individuals or can you add a Group as defined in OS X Address Book? It seems totally lame if you have to select everybody every time. (Asked here)

There is no group support, so yes - you do have to add in each SMS contact one at a time. You can either start typing their name, or hit the “+” button to scroll through your contacts.

I was wondering if a Voice Recorder Function/App has been added to the update? (Asked here)

There is no voice recorder, or any other previously unreleased apps.

Does it yet support the Nike+ Sport Kit? Several weeks ago a story came out where the firmware had a “Nike” folder in the code ... implying that Nike + WOULD be supported in the future. Curious if it IS NOW with 1.1.3. Also, what is the time it takes for cell tower location triangulation? Is it fast? Bearable? Slow? (Asked here)

I don’t have a Nike+ kit to test with, so I can’t answer the first question. As for the cell tower triangulation, it takes anywhere from 5-20 seconds.

So what do you think? Did we miss anything? As always, feel free to leave your question in our iPhone 1.1.3 forum thread.

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Forum Discussion

great video! i'm excited about 1.1.3! i was wondering if there was any noticable speedups or perfomance enhancements or better stability in safari. i know even after i restored 1.1.2 original firmware, the i have so many pictures in my camera roll that the graphics glitch when i try to scroll, such as getting stuck or pause randomly on there way down. is this just me or is anyone else having this issue?


Do virginized phones survive the upgrade????

Great work guys. 2 questions actually 1. Can you save anything to the disk, such as pictures off a webpage or email attachments? 2. Can you copy and paste? PLEASE god let them have added copy and paste functionality honestly how hard is it ????

the reason it says "Nate" is because he had a jailbroken phone on an earlier firmware and when it updates, it reapplies that file that had the changes from the user partition. erica sadun's app that changes this saves the file in the user partition. he probably changed it when it was a jailbroken 1.1.2. also, he is not going to release the 1.1.3 firmware that he has from his source, because they believe that it may have been watermarked. (possibly traceable) and he does not want to give away his source / get sued by apple for leaking it. YOU CAN'T DOWNLOAD IT ANYWHERE ONLINE RIGHT NOW.

Thank you for posting that video. You answered one of the questions from my previous post. I am curious why Apple decided to create a separate search button instead of keeping it the way it was. Does Google Maps provide search results based on the location found by the triangulation feature?

Is that mean you can unlocked the iphone (1.1.3 updated) or may be just activate it to use like an itouch, if yes then can you show us how to do it with the 1.1.2 bootloader 4.06 (already jailbroken) And where can i get the 1.1.3 firmware ?

It seems like they spent time working on the Safari browser. Is there any Flash support or other noticeable upgrade beyond the webclip-esque dashboard icon? Is there any video support or extra options in the camera app? Is there anything out of the ordinary in the settings menu? Does video out still only apply to video or does the UI (Dashboard) also show up?

Any indication that Apple will increase the ring/vibrate level(s)? I miss a lot of calls, especially when there is other ambient noise present (like TV or a car radio). Thanks.

Why didn't you guys post a screen shot of the version like you said you would?

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