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Monday March 26, 2007 11:16 am

Pal-V Takes to The Friendly Skies


The day of the flying car is almost upon us. The Pal-V is actually a hybrid tricycle that tilts at high speed just like an ordinary motorcycle. Get it on a long stretch of highway, pop the tail out and unfold its rotors, and it can climb up to 4,000 feet at a speed of up to 125 mph. Vertically land or set it down without an engine with its auto-gyro.

The Pal-V runs on regular, biodiesel, or bioethanol fuel and is pushing for launch in the next couple of years. Although we realize that the ceiling is below that of commercial airspace and we probably won’t have to worry about hitting a small plane, we are still not convinced that some rampant goose heading south for the winter won’t collide with us.


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