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Thursday March 8, 2007 2:08 pm

N!ergy Tent Works Under its Own Power

E!nergy Tent

Some of us have the idea that camping is a necessary evil to be avoided at all costs. Who wants to sleep on the ground, poop in the woods, and eat tasteless dehydrated beef stew when you can have fresh sheets daily and endless snack packs of Chex Mix and Ho Hos? The Eureka N!ergy Tent just may change our minds. The tent holds up to 10


campers, features 3 12-volt outlets built into its structure, and is powered by its own E! Power System.

Eureka suggests you bring along your DVD player, camcorder, cell phone recharger, MP3 player, air bed compressor, and alarm clock. When they tell us to include our hair dryer and vacuum, we think that’s just a smidgen too domestic for us. The 1310 model N!ergy Tent will set you back $249.40 plus another $50.00 for its E! power pack.

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