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Wednesday July 24, 2013 8:17 am

Mysterious Chromecast device shows upon Google support page

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A few eagle-eyed Google support page visitors spotted a mysteriously unknown device dubbed Chromecast. It has since been removed from the site, as if it never existed. Luckily, someone took a screenshot for posterity. There are no concrete details of what it actually is. However, there is some speculation of it being an HDMI dongle streaming device for TVs, while websites like Droid Life say it might be a Apple AirPlay-like feature to sling content from a Cromebook to the TV. Hopefully, the mystery will be solved at today's Google event. In the meantime, let the speculation continue.

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simran singh simran singh 8/12/13 12:10 pm

Isn’t its old now? Now i have it:p

Justin Germino Justin Germino 8/12/13 1:04 pm

Picked one up the week after it was released, it is an impressive gadget for the price but still needs a lot of features and sites/channels supporting it.  It isn’t a Roku killer but is a good option for those who can’t afford a $79 Roku device and want Netflix and YouTube as primary choices.

Yaaa… Nice, Thanks for sharing

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jual jaket kulit jual jaket kulit 4/26/14 6:08 pm

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