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Thursday January 13, 2011 7:13 pm

A Justin Bieber URL shortener

Posted by Patrick Lambert Categories: Internet

bieber.ly justin bieber shortener

URL shortners are a dime a dozen. From TinyURL, to Bit.ly, Goo.gl--heck, we even have our own gear.lv shortener! For a new one to succeed, they need to add something compelling. You know, like add new features and stuff? The latest site to arrive in the crowded space took a decidedly different path. With bieber.ly, you can look at giant images of Justin Bieber while browsing the web! It's still unknown if this was endorsed by the teenage superstar, but we would highly doubt that. Ridiculous? Sure! We're just throwing some credit out there for being unique. Trust us, we don't have, like, a total crush on Biebs or anything. Please believe us.


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Forum Discussion

I was also waiting for it. I love this song. mostly i listened all song of Justin Bieber.

that’s interesting, I am already waiting for his debut movie “never say never”. I hope it will be huge hit same as the song that he sing for the karate kid movie. It was really an awesome song.

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Anonymous Anonymous 6/29/14 9:50 am

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Anonymous Anonymous 6/29/14 9:51 am


Ethan Hunt Ethan Hunt 7/9/14 12:53 pm

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