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Tuesday June 3, 2014 12:42 pm

How to fix Final Cut Pro & iMovie in OS X Yosemite

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Apple, Features, Software

Final Cut Pro X Yosemite fix

Yesterday, Apple released the first OS X Yosemite Developer Preview following its WWDC 2014 keynote, allowing beta testers early access to its next big desktop operating system update. While many appreciate the new, overhauled appearance of the OS, many forgot that this was beta software they were installing, and that all bets were off as far as bugs and other issues went. One of the big ones if you edit videos is that both Final Cut Pro X and iMovie won't launch by default in the initial Yosemite Developer Preview. We were able to find a way around this:

  1. Head to your Applications folder in Finder
  2. Right-click the Final Cut Pro or iMovie app icon
  3. Select "Show Package Contents"
  4. Go into the Contents folder
  5. Go into the  MacOS folder
  6. Double-click on the app icon (either Final Cur Pro or iMovie)

This will launch the Terminal app first, and then should launch the video editor after a few Terminal commands go through. It's not a perfect solution, but it's one that we've found will work for now, at least until Yosemite Developer Preview 2 is released in what we guess will be a couple of weeks.

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Thanks! This worked great smile

It was able to load using this method, but all 3rd party plugins are missing. That is what I found so-far, can’t imagine what else is screwed up, but probably a lot of stuff will not work correctly.

This worked ! Thanks so much. i made the mistake also, and regret every last minute of upgrading!

imovie worked.but FCP doesn’t work.any idea?

See image, just hangs with an empty window and the message as shown on picture in terminal.

Picture: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mehydwuotai1fff/imovie.tiff

Rodrigo Cunha Rodrigo Cunha 6/25/14 10:08 pm

I made a “fix” for it… go to: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/299028-osx-1010-yosemite-unlock-iphoto-and-imovie-new-final-cut-x-too/

Fix iPhoto, iMovie and Final Cut X 10.1.1

Cesar Figueiredo Cesar Figueiredo 7/15/14 8:23 am

could you please send this files for me. thks

Thomas Bricker Thomas Bricker 7/26/14 11:52 pm

I have tried this work around and it only partially works.
IMovie opens but the movies I have made are missing their transition edits and all of the editing tools are not in the interface.

Any other ideas of how to make this work?

This is with the public beta that was released last Thursday.

Rodrigo Cunha Rodrigo Cunha 7/27/14 12:43 am

Thomas, try my fix: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/299028-osx-1010-yosemite-unlock-iphoto-and-imovie-new-final-cut-x-too/

It works, unlocking FinalCut and making it usable again.

Thomas Bricker Thomas Bricker 7/27/14 11:13 am

Hi Rodrigo, I tried your method.
I can get iMovie to open but all the content libraries are gone from the interface. All my transitions are removed from my movies.
iMovie is simply not functional.

Any other ideas?

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