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Saturday March 18, 2006 5:56 am

Google Avoids Turning Over User Info To The US Government

Description A federal judge has ruled allowing the government a peek into Google’s search engine, but dramatically scaled back from the list of personal information and specific search requests that the government originally requested.  Instead, they’ll provide the government with a list of 50,000 randomly selected websites indexed by the search engine.  A victory for advocates of personal privacy and freedom of information, Google will not have to disclose specific search terms or personal information.

“This is a clear victory for our users,” Nicole Wong, Google’s associate general counsel said in a statement Friday.

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How nice of the government to show what kind of freedom is really available by taking the peoples constitution and shitting it out their arse.

Well, I’m ok w/ the feds getting a list of random websites—since there is approximately 100,000 new webpages being created per minute in this world 50,000 of the probably billions google has indexed is going to prove to be worthless.

Turned out just how I wanted it to—the gov’t claiming they’ve won, and ending up w/ nothing.  Suck It.

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