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Friday July 1, 2005 3:51 am

Don’t Like Hasselhoff?  How to Make Your Own Plane!


A couple of days ago, Andru posted directions for making a David Hasselhoff paper plane.  Well, I got curious and poked around in Photoshop a bit, and here’s a “how to” for building your own paper plane blueprint with whatever you want on the wings. For the sake of demonstration, I used a picture of Jenna Jameson (don’t worry, it’s not a nudie picture) pulled from Google – who wouldn’t want a plane with Jenna posing on the wings?

  1. First, I took the original into Photoshop.  Then, using the polygon lasso and trial and error, found the degree to which both sides of Hasslehoff’s head were rotated to the left and right, respectively.  It’s 17°, by the way.  It took a lot of guesswork.
  2. Then, I took my picture of Jenna and divided it in half, cut half of it (ctrl+x or apple+x) and pasted it into my frame containing hasslehoff.  I then rotated it 180° and positioned it, and then rotated it 17° and lined it up perfectly.  The same was repeated for the other half, except rotating it -17° (the opposite direction).
  3. After lining up both halves of the body with the airplane fold lines, I took the polygon lasso again, went to the bottom layer and lassoed the exposed hasslehoff-head, and deleted it.  The result?  An airplane blueprint with Jenna Jameson, not David Hasslehoff, on the wings.

You can of course use this with whatever image you’d like.  Experiment!  Send them in!  Make one with the GearLive logo!  Show your friends! That’s right, I did all the work so you don’t have to.

Full Size Diagram |  Print Out Kristin’s Jenna-plane
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