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Monday April 9, 2012 11:30 am

Cadillac’s Safety Alert Seat keeps you well-informed when on the road

Posted by Andrey Malskiy Categories: Transportation, Videos

Many cars now feature blind spot detectors, lance sensors, and other safety features that keep the drivers safe on the road. However, having all these sensors in a car can get annoying from all the warnings and beeping the car sends to the driver. For some, the nuisance of all the different alerts will cause a driver to turn the system off, which defeats of paying for the warning system in the first place. However, Cadillac believes they’ve found the solution to all this noise with the launch of the Safety Alert Seat in its spring models.

Cadillac has developed a safety system, which utilizes all the current safety features, but adds vibration to the mix. Good vibes so to speak, the safety system vibrates the driver’s chair and notifies them of where the danger is on the road. The vibrations are pinpointed via external sensors and vibrate the seat in the appropriate location.

Cadillac believes that its patented Safety Alert Seat will create a more aware and better-informed driver on the road. For those that might be hearing impaired or crank their music to eleven, they may not hear the audible warning, however vibrations solve this issue.


The Cadillac Safety Alert Seat will be featured on the new Cadillac XTS and will also be available on the Cadillac ATS luxury sedan and SRX luxury crossover.

Check out the video’s after the jump to see the Cadillac Safety Seat in action and Cadillac’s safety features working harmoniously.

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