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Sunday January 30, 2005 3:32 pm

Are Small Form Factor Machines the Future?

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Shuttle PCMiniature computers, often referred to as Small Form Factor, or SFF, computers, are cropping up everywhere in the industry. With the recent release of the Mac Mini, consumers are also taking a look at other manufacturers to see what the offerings are. Dell and HP have both offered SFF computers in the past, with mixed results. Many are hoping that the Apple Mac Mini will generate industry buzz and get consumers more interested in the applications of a small computer. I know that I have wanted a small computer for some time, but have actually considered building my own. The parts are out there, and if the revolution takes off, prices will start to become more competitive. So if you need a computer to go in the living room or to sit on an already crowded desk, take a look at SFF computers.

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I could see SFF’s becoming popular, if the components in a computer become smaller. The large problem I have with them right now is the lack of expandability and cooling. It’ll be awhile before I ever get one, but SFF’s are progressing nicely with gaming SFF’s like the Fragbox.

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