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Willow Smith to Star in Annie Remake

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Willow SmithSomebody cue Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons, because we just discovered the Worst. Remake. Ever…and, it hasn’t even been made yet. Take a good look at Will Smith’s pretty daughter Willow. Now, imagine her with red hair.

Actually, the red hair is probably the first thing that’s going to go in the new Annie remake, and that’s only one of the reasons this is the worst idea we’ve ever heard. Willow Smith will take on the iconic role in a new film that’s being produced by -- guess who? -- her daddy’s company Overbrook Entertainment.

Our knee-jerk dislike of the remake idea (the original film, made in 1982, has long been filed in our Untouchable Classics category) probably won’t affect the Smiths, who may soon officially change their surname to Midas. After Jaden Smith raked in more than $300 million in his Karate Kid remake that featured absolutely no actual karate, there’s nothing this family can’t pull off.

Annie is the story of a redheaded orphan whose life is changed when she is adopted by the fantastically rich Daddy Warbucks. Carol Burnett defined the role of the mean orphanage owner who helps concoct a scam to steal Annie back from Warbucks, which eventually fails. The movie, like the Broadway musical that preceded it, is peppered with sensational songs.

And perhaps now, Willow’s “Whip My Hair.” Re-using old scripts is awesome.

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Box Office Breakdown: Hancock Soars to #1


For theatergoers, the Fourth of July holiday has come to mean fireworks, barbecues….and now . This past weekend, the powerhouse’s latest blockbuster, , took in over $62 million giving Smith his eighth straight #1 debut. In total, the Sony Pictures production grossed nearly $104 million during a 5 1/2 day period.

In addition to being Will’s second-best opener ever ( set his record), Hancock was the actor’s fifth movie to reach first place over the same holiday weekend. (Men in Black, Men in Black II, Independence Day and Wild Wild West were the other four.) The Peter Berg film also became the third best July 4th grosser behind Transformers and Spider-Man 2.

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Will Smith’s Nepotism Streak Continues

Tom Cruise, Connor CruiseFirst, he introduced son Jaden to theatergoers in The Pursuit of Happyness.  Then he let daughter Willow take on a much smaller role in last year’s I Am Legend.  Now another kid will be participating in a movie: Connor Cruise.

Yes, I know.  Connor is not exactly related to Will.  (He’s actually ‘s adopted son.)  But that doesn’t make the whole situation smell any less nepotistic to me.

In Seven Pounds, Will Smith stars as a man who affects the lives of seven strangers.  Connor, in a minor part, will play a younger version of the main character.

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