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Cinecast: Brittany Murphy’s Final Film Finished, Anne Cries Over Catwoman

Judd Apatow guest edits 'Vanity Fair'+ Three years following Brittany Murphy's death, the actress' final film, Something Wicked, is complete. An independent thriller directed by Darin Scott, the movie currently seeks a distributor.

+ When asked whether or not she would bring Catwoman back to the big screen, Anne Hathaway was ecstatic about the thought. She also cried at a press conference over talking about the idea of saying goodbye to the catsuit.

+ Judd Apatow becomes the third guest editor for Vanity Fair - appropriately for their first Comedy Issue. The three covers for the magazine - which comes out in December - feature a number of Apatow's regular actors, including his wife Leslie Mann, Paul Rudd, Kristin Wiig, and Will Ferrell.

+ Matt Damon has confirmed that he has been cast in George Clooney's latest directorial effort, The Monuments of Men.

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Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue

Since 1995, Vanity Fair has been churning out legendary covers tipping its hat to Hollywood.  And year after year, photographer has been counted on to produce those stunning and memorable images.  Remember the one with Tom Ford and the two nude ladies ( and )?  How about the cover with Uma, Kate and Cate?

This season, the magazine will honor the ‘Fresh Faces of 2008’:

Vanity Fair Cover

Those pictured include: (The Devil Wears Prada), (Enchanted), (The Illusionist), (The Devil Wears Prada), (I Am Legend), (Juno), (Vantage Point), (Fred Claus), (Big Love), and (Ugly Betty).

Make note of these ladies.  Some of their careers will soar, while others will become faded segments of Vanity Fair’s history (e.g. , , , ).

To see a slideshow of all fourteen Annie Leibovitz covers, click here.

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Vanity Fair

Nicole Kidman Pregnant

Nicole Kidman, Keith UrbanAfter initially denying the rumors, rep has now confirmed the actress is pregnant.  This news comes after the New York Post reported she had dropped out of an upcoming film (presumably for the health of the baby).

Kidman revealed in Vanity Fair interview last year that a miscarriage during her marriage to led them to adopt their first child, Bella, now 14.  They later added Connor, now 12, to their family.

This will be first child for both the Oscar-winning actress and her husband, singer .  The two have been married since last June.

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Shia LeBeouf Arrested in Chicago

Shia LeBeoufThis year’s ‘It’ boy has just surpassed another noteworthy milestone on his rise to stardom:  the drunken arrest.

The star of , and was detained early this morning in The Windy City after refusing to leave a Walgreens.  A security guard, believing to be drunk, told Shia to exit the store.  The Chicago Police Department was then asked to step in when the actor refused to cooperate.  (Apparently he’s not used to taking instruction from someone other than a director.)  LeBeouf - who was reportedly ‘very courteous and polite’ with authorities - posted bail after being detained for several hours.  He is scheduled to appear in court on November 28 for misdemeanor criminal trespassing.

Interestingly enough, the actor held off celebrating his 21st birthday last June because of his work on .  LeBeouf told Vanity Fair he wanted to finish the Indy project before taking a sip.  “People say, ‘What are you doing for your 21st birthday, Shia?’ And I’m like, ‘I’m making an Indiana Jones movie.’ What’s better than that?”  (The movie is currently in post-production, so it appears he may have been a man of his word.)

And while news of a young male star slipping up is hard to come by these days, I found today’s celeb arrest to be mildly disappointing.  Seriously—who hasn’t been kicked out of a store when they were 21?

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