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Charlie Sheen to Play President in Machete Kills

Charlie Sheen and Robert RodriguezCharlie Sheen will play the President in Machete Kills.

The 46-year-old actor - who last appeared on the big screen in 2010 comedy Due Date, in which he made a cameo appearance as himself - has been cast to portray the political figure by director Robert Rodriguez, who took to his Twitter account to confirm the news and post a picture of the pair together.

"I just cast Charlie Sheen in #machetekills as the President of the United States! Who better? More soon..(sic)" he wrote.

Following the announcement, Charlie later retweeted the message to his 7.5 million followers, adding the phrase "My fellow Americans!"

The former Two and a Half Men star could seek advice on the role from his father Martin Sheen as the 71-year-old actor has previously played John F. Kennedy in miniseries Kennedy - The Presidential Years and fictional Democratic President Josiah Bartlet in TV series The West Wing.

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Robert Rodriguez Loved the Unauthorized Mariachi Remake

Robert RodriguezRobert Rodriguez "loved" the unauthorized Chinese language remake of Mariachi.

The film director was astounded when he realized a film crew had come from Hong Kong to Mexico and remade his first film and even though they didn't approach him for the rights, wasn't angry about it.

"I saw somebody do a straight remake of El Mariachi, shot for shot. It's called Run, they showed a double feature of it in Austin. It was from Hong Kong, what are you going to do, sue them? They can do whatever they want. I loved it, it was fantastic to watch! It's in Chinese but shot in Mexico, and it's the same, they just remade it without getting the rights, they just went and did it. While you're watching it, you see how they re-did each scene, like 'Wow, they had much more money, oh, there's a helicopter shot, great production value.'"

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Robert Rodriguez Isn’t Afraid of Hollywood

Robert RodriguezRobert Rodriguez has "more power" than other directors because he made his first movie himself.

The director started his career with Mexican gun toting guitarist drama Mariachi - which was entirely self funded and had a tiny budget, but became a huge hit - which make him unafraid of Hollywood, because he can always go back to doing it all himself.

"Because I made Mariachi first I always knew that no matter what, I could always go and do that again. They bought that, so [I say to studios] 'make my movie, or I'll just go make it myself.' You always have a lot more power that way because they know you don't need them, so I've always had a lot more luck because of the fact that was my fist movie. That made much more of a statement than had my first film been something that they gave me an opportunity to make, then I would have always been at their service."

Robert is about to make Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, which he will co-direct with comic book artist Frank Miller, and he maintains their version will remain as faithful as possible to the original comics.

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Zoe Saldana Joins Machete Kills

Zoe SaldanaZoe Saldana has signed up for Machete Kills.

The Star Trek actress will appear alongside Sofia Vergara, Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez in the follow-up to 2010 action movie Machete, and Danny Trejo - who is set to reprise his role as blade-wielding Mexican Federale Machete Cortez - can't wait to kiss all three girls in the film.

"The sequel to Machete, Machete Kills is going to be a lot more over-the-top than Machete. We've got Sofia Vergara, who is a star in her own right, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, and Zoe Saldana - and guess what? I get to kiss all of 'em."

Amber Heard is in line to play an assassin in the motion picture, which will see Michelle and Jessica reprise their roles of a taco-truck lady and an immigrations officer, with Robert Rodriguez returning to direct the project.

The film - which is scheduled to begin shooting in Texas soon - will see Cortez aim to stop Mel Gibson's villain from firing a missile.

Jessica Alba on For Sin City 2

Jessica AlbaJessica Alba and Mickey Rourke have signed up for the Sin City sequel.

The pair will be directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller in Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For, which will be in 3D and shot later this year. Other cast members are expected to return but no names have been confirmed.

Shooting will take place in Austin, Texas at Rodriguez's Troublemaker Studios ahead of a release on October 4, 2013.

The first installment of the crime thriller - set in the corrupt world of Basin City - also starred Benicio Del Toro, Rosario Dawson and Bruce Willis and was released in 2005. It took $158 million at the box office on a budget of just $40 million.

Jessica has a number of movie roles coming up including Escape from Planet Earth where she voices the part of Lena and Machete Kills. Mickey also has forthcoming films including Java Heat and Black November.

Jessica Alba’s Fake Nude Scene

Before picture of Jessica Alba in MacheteAfter picture of Jessica Alba in Machete

If you're a Jessica Alba admirer, you probably already know -- and have been disappointed by the fact -- that she doesn't like to do nudity. That's why a scene in the recent film Machete caused many jaws to drop. Well, prepare to have them dropped further.

Although the actress really didn't (fake) expose more than what we see in magazines these days, that extra amount of skin was actually the result of computer magic. As you can see from the before still on the left, the married mother of one wore a strapless bra and underwear for the moment.

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Rosario Dawson Wants Sin City Sequel Soon

Rosario Dawson in Sin CitySin City actress Rosario Dawson said that she needs the sequel to happen soon if she’s going to fit into the barely-there outfits.

The 31-year-old actress - who played prostitute dominatrix Gail in the first movie adaptation of the graphic novel - explained while she is keen to work on a sequel, director Robert Rodriguez needs to start filming soon or she will feel too old for the skimpy costumes associated with the character.

“The last time I saw Robert Rodriguez was a month ago and he really wants to make Sin City 2 happen. I said, ‘I understand you’ve been taking your time, but if you want me to wear the outfit that fits into one hand, dude. I’m not getting any younger.’”

The star also admitted she is grateful for her unusual looks - which are a combination of her Puerto Rican, Afro-Cuban, Native American and Irish descent - as some of her more conventional-looking friends struggle to find acting work: “I have friends of mine who are actresses, who all have blonde hair and blue eyes, tell me they think I am going to work more than them. One of my friends in particular - and she’s a pretty big actress - said, ‘There are a million girls who show up who look just like me every single day in Los Angeles fighting for the exact same job.’”

Box Office Breakdown: The Town Takes the Crown

The Town

, Ben Affleck’s second directorial feature, surprised analysts this weekend with a win at the box office. The film, which far surpassed Gone Baby Gone’s $5.5 million debut in 2007, earned $23.8 million—a September-best for Warner Bros. The drama, co-starring Jon Hamm and Jeremy Renner, also gave actor Affleck his first #1 film—outside of He’s Just Not that Into You—since Daredevil.

Although many had topping the charts, the film came in a very respectable second place. The Emma Stone-starrer – which only cost $8 million to produce – generated good reviews and a $17.7 million take.

The weekend’s other two new wide releases also landed in the Top 5. The PG-13 horror film raised $12.3 million while Alpha and Omega, a more family-friendly entry, rang up $9.1 million in ticket sales.

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Box Office Breakdown: Evil Takes Up Residence at Number One

Resident Evil: Afterlife

Who says the third time’s the charm?

—the fourth movie in that sci-fi series—topped the box office this weekend with franchise-breaking numbers. The movie, which was offered in 3D, had the best Evil debut to date. (Yes - higher ticket prices did play into this.) Afterlife‘s $26.7 million take surpassed the bar set by Resident Evil: Extinction in 2007. (That outing opened to $23.7 million.)

Since Resident was the only new wide release, the other notable events occurred outside the Top Ten. , starring Katie Holmes and Josh Duhamel, opened in limited release with a $45,527 debut. More importantly, the movie averaged $22,764 per theater—the best number for all films over the weekend. In comparison, I’m Still Here—featuring a disheveled Joaquin Phoenix—only had a $5,087 per screen average.

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Box Office Breakdown: The American Defeats Machete

The American

Although it lacked Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan and Robert De Niro, did have two things Machete didn’t: George Clooney and a box office win.

Despite only grossing $13.2 million over the weekend ($16.3 million since Wednesday), the Focus Features entry hit its target. The movie - which was produced for approximately $20 million - managed to top the Robert Rodriguez-actioner by less than $2 million. The American also became Clooney’s best opener - outside of any Brad Pitt-related project - since The Perfect Storm in 2000.

, based on a trailer included in the film Grindhouse, came very close to matching the earlier movie. The Danny Trejo starrer debuted to a modest $11.4 million—about $200,000 short of Grindhouse‘s premiere in 2007.

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