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Chris Noth: Sex and the City Movies are Over

Sex and the City 2

Given Sex and the City 2’s dismal opening weekend and horrible reviews, this announcement should come as no surprise: there will be no more sequels. At least, not according to Chris Noth.

“It’s over. The franchise is dead. The press killed it. Your magazine f**king killed it,” the

bitter angry realistic pessimistic

actor declared recently to New York Magazine.

“It’s like all the critics got together and said, ‘This franchise must die.’ Because they all had the exact same review. It’s like they didn’t see the movie,” Noth, who played Mr. Big in the series, added.

So what do you think of Noth’s comments? Are you glad SATC is finally being put to rest—or are you holding out hope for another round?

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Sex and the City Sequel Spoilers!

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Sex and the City

The big-screen sequel is a done deal. The wheels are in motion. The train has left the station. And the spoiler excitement has only just begun. What will happen in the Sex-y new flick? Where will life take Carrie and Big?

Do you really want to know? Follow the jump to get Sex and the City sequel spoilers.

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Sarah Jessica Parker - No Plans for Bradshaw Baby

Sarah Jessica Parker

“We need to figure this out in the next couple of months,” Sarah Jessica Parker recently told MTV News, discussing a possible timetable for the next movie. The actress hopes to start shooting the film next summer, saying “that’s when we’d start shooting to be out in 2010.”

“We’ve had very general conversations about the idea,” she said, saying “that’s the big hurdle: the idea.” But, apparently (and despite rumors), motherhood for Carrie isn’t on the agenda.

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More Sex in Store: Kim Cattrall Announces Sequel

Sex and the City

During an appearance on the British-based Paul O’Grady Show, announced the news that is even now setting women into a frenzy: “Yes there will!” Cattrall cried when ask if there will be a sequel to the summer’s mega-popular Sex and the City movie.

According to New Line Cinema, negotiation are still ongoing for a sequel. Years ago, when the series first ended, rumor states it was Cattrall herself who stymied progress on a movie plan. She backed out; they ditched the idea until it re-surfaced in 2008.

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Sex and the City Sequel Talk

Sex and the City Movie

I think you could probably file this under the “No Duh” category. During the Television Critics Association press tour yesterday, HBO’s programming head told everyone what they already knew: There’s talk about a sequel out there.

According to Michael Lombardo, “There’s enormous interest by Warner Bros. and New Line, and we’re trying to put that together now. Everyone associated with the project was liberated by the enthusiasm of the fans.”

But fans should, of course, not anticipate forming another group outing anytime soon. There’s still quite a few matters that need to be settled first - like a script, signed contracts…and how about possibly a reason? Is there a point where we should just let these girls walk off in their stilettos quietly? What could possibly happen to Carrie and Big next time? Will he decide that he likes Napa better than New York City?

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Friends, Fun and Fashion: Sex and the City Movie Review

Sex and the City movie still

I awoke on Friday feeling energized, excited and expectant, one thought drumming through my head: today is the day. A special outfit, picked out two days in advance, hung at the front of my closet. The tickets to the show were sitting securely in my purse. I could almost feel an electric buzz in the air as I thought to myself, in just a few hours I’ll be seeing the movie. If I could stand the suspense long enough.

I set my hair early, wrapping my head in a green bandana so no one could see my curlers. I started making confirmation calls at four in the afternoon (I was going to leave my apartment at eight), and by the time the clock struck five I was sitting on the couch with three bags of make-up spread around me. For this special opening night, I was leaving absolutely nothing to chance.

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Director Yells Cut on Sex and the City Rumors

Chris NothThe Internet has been aflame since the telltale slip was released that a character will be offed in the upcoming motion picture. Many have speculated on just who will find a horrible fate with the franchise, but are any of them right?

Carrie’s black hair, leading trailers and general paranoia have led to one convincing rumor that it will, in fact, be who perishes in the film.

Director Michael Patrick King, who also supplies the commentaries for the DVDs, put an end to those rumors in recent statements to the press. “Kill Mr. Big?” King asked rhetorically. “I would have been chased around the planet by women with torches.” And that’s not even the half of it.

But with that statement, the director closed the door on all the current Sex speculation about actor ‘s character. If Mr. Big won’t die…then, who will? “It’s a summer movie,” King told reporters. “Why would I want to kill anyone?” Could it be that the biggest Sex and the City slip of the season wasn’t even reality?

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Three-Stop Premiere for SATC Movie

Sex and the CityThe much-anticipated movie will make its first premiere on May 12 in London’s Leichester Square. May 15 will see the flick in Berlin for another premiere. Then, after all the Sexy secrets are spilled, it will finally make its way home to New York for a premiere party on known territory (May 27).

Sex movie talk centers around the mysterious death, a plot point “leaked” by in a recent interview. Other possible plot points have been bantered around by entertainment shows. I’ve seen the clips, and Cynthia Nixon looks great in the movie. But who’s destined to leave the franchise for ever? Let’s look at the possible candidates.

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SATC Scoop: Set Secret Spills

Sex & the City

The May 12 premiere of the movie is still up in air, though it is said the film will certainly not make its debut at Cannes. Right now, insiders are hinting toward London, though it’s still not altogether impossible the movie will premiere in New York. The press junket is scheduled to begin in New York May 2, and rumor suggests Sex may premiere in London and New York.

As to the soundtrack, current gossip says that Fergie and Jennifer Hudson (who will play Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant in the film) will both record new tunes. But the real Sex scoop was released by , a.k.a. Miranda Hobbs. This certain redhead let it slip on April 15 that “a character dies in the movie.” Enter panic mode now.

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New Sex and the City Trailer

Sex and the CityFinally - a more substantive glance at the upcoming Movie! 

While I will undoubtedly watch the release, I must say the newest trailer gives the film a much darker tone than I would have liked to see.  (You can view it for yourself, after the jump.)  Is it because the show is best served on the small screen?  Should the series only be viewed in 30-minute snippets?  Is the teaser simply a bad representation?  (Oh, I hope so.)

Regardless, the clip does give us a few juicy tidbits:

  • Apparently Mr. Big’s (full) name is John James Preston.  (I think I like him better when he’s not an actual person.)
  • It looks like Steve may have cheated on Miranda.  (The Steve I know would never do something like that.)
  • Commitment-phobe Samantha may be wandering from Smith Jerrod.
  • Charlotte is indeed pregant.  (She adopted that kid for nothing.)
  • And last but not least, Carrie’s planned wedding to Big falls apart?

Be looking for SATC to hit theaters this May 30.

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