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Movie Icon Jane Russell Dies

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Janes Russell - London, 2008 During her career in Hollywood, Jane Russell kept company with the likes of Marilyn Monroe, eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes and a host of other legendary personalities. She was best-known for her impressive, Amazonian figure -- which she always put to good use on the big screen. And now, she’s gone.

Jane Russell died on Monday in Santa Maria at the age of 89, 70 years after she was cast in her first Howard Hughes movie (The Outlaw). Her cleavage, amply displayed throughout the flick, created a huge controversy with censors. She did westerns with the Howard Hughes-owned RKO studios for several years in the 1940s before being cast as Marilyn Monroe’s brunette bestie in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. The role gave Russell the chance to show off another of her assets -- her powerful singing voice. You can hear -- and see -- her talents on display in the video above, a clip of Russell's big solo from the movie.

Throughout the 1950s, she continued to star in films. Russell was paired onscreen with Clark Gable, Robert Mitchum and Frank Sinatra -- to name just a few. Russell spent the next years singing in nightclubs, making the occasional movie appearance until 1970.



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Getting Into Character: Michelle Williams Channels Marilyn Monroe

Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe

We saw what Naomi Watts’ Marilyn Monroe looked like; now Michelle Williams has donned the short, (very) blonde hair, red lips, and overall sultry appearance the sex symbol was known for.

Williams will co-star with Emma Watson and Dominic Cooper in My Week With Marilyn, a film centered on the filming of The Prince and the Showgirl.

What do you think? Can the normally sweet-natured, angelic-looking Williams pull off Marilyn’s iconic personality?

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Lindsay Lohan’s Secret Movie Scene


UPDATE: You can watch the trailer here.

It’s only recently been discovered that weeks before being incarcerated, teamed up with the ShamWow guy to film a scene in an upcoming movie. Linds is wearing the iconic dress Marilyn Monroe donned in The Seven Year Itch, and in the photos she is re-creating the famous subway vent scene. , of ShamWow fame, seems to be directing.

The flick is titled Underground Comedy Movie 2010. In the scene, Linds will pull out a gun and shoot paparazzi. She filmed the scene on June 17 while still wearing her alcohol-monitoring SCRAM bracelet - a fact which is referenced in the dialogue.

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Getting Into Character: Naomi Watts Poses Like Marilyn

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Naomi Watts as Marilyn Monroe

Believe it or not, this isn’t an archive photo of an anorexic Marilyn Monroe—it’s .

As reported previously, Watts is set to play the iconic blonde in an upcoming biopic based on the “imagined memoir” titled Blonde, by Joyce Carol Oates.

She’s got the hair, lips, expression, pose, and wardrobe to a T, but can she pull off portraying Monroe’s complex, tortured character?

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Two Hollywood Blondes Preparing to Play Marilyn Monroe

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Decades after her death, remains one of the most iconic film stars of all time - and actresses of today still long to be like her. Pretty soon, two of them will get the opportunity to pretend to be like her.

(The Ring, King Kong) will star as the bombshell in a film adaptation of Blonde, the novel by Joyce Carol Oates. Meanwhile, Michelle Williams (Dawson’s Creek) will be playing Monroe in My Week With Marilyn, which revolves around the filming of the movie The Prince and the Showgirl (a fun, period piece co-starring Laurence Olivier).

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Michelle Williams Offered Marilyn Monroe Role

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Michelle Williams has been asked to portray one of film’s biggest stars.

The Oscar nominee has been lined up to play tragic screen icon v in movie My Week With Marilyn, a feature that will focus on the making of her 1957 film The Prince And The Showgirl with Laurence Olivier.

Although Michelle has been offered the part by director Simon Curtis and producer David Parfitt, the 29-year-old beauty has asked for some time decide whether or not the part is right for her. Simon is due to meet with her in 10 days to receive her decision. If she accepts, Michelle will start filming in London in June.

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