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John Carter Suffers Record Losses

John CarterJohn Carter is one of the biggest box office flops of all time.

Studio Walt Disney have admitted they expect to lose $200 million on the film - which stars Taylor Kitsch as a military captain sent to Mars - having shelled out $100 million on marketing and $250 million producing the movie. The figures mean Disney could lose around $80-$120 million in its movie business during the current quarter, though will still make a substantial overall profit thanks to the company's TV endeavors.

The movie - based on books by Edgar Rice Burroughs - has taken no more than $184m at box offices worldwide, but cinema owners receive about half of that total.

John Carter director Andrew Stanton - who also helmed smash hits WALL-E and Finding Nemo - has previously admitted he pays no attention to the budgets on his films: "I've always worked with huge budgets, I mean the truth is, this is all I have ever known. Having said that, I've always ignored what the budget is. I've never felt any gain to be worrying about numbers."

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Toy Story 4 In The Works?

Andrew StantonAndrew Stanton admits Toy Story 4 is a "possibility."

The John Carter director has previously written all of the Toy Story animated movies - about the secret lives of a group of play things owned by a young boy - and although he admits he has to "come up" with something good, he is not scared by the prospect.

"There's always the possibility for a new movie, it just comes down to only if there's a story good enough. We've set the bar so high with the previous three movies that as much as people want a fourth nobody wants an inferior movie so we've got to come up with something good," Andrew told BANG Showbiz when speaking at the UK premiere of John Carter.

With his new movie, Andrew admits he was delighted to get Taylor Kitsch on board because people find him hard to "stop watching."

"Taylor just has that X Factor. Do you really need to ask me? Can you not see the Taylor effect? You can't describe it, there's something about him that you just can't stop watching and you mix that with his charisma and that he's a really great actor."

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