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Box Office Breakdown: Ashton Kutcher Drives Past Speed Racer

What Happens in Vegas

Despite arresting visuals and a $120 million budget, the Wachowski brothers were unable to bring to life.  The Warner Bros. movie - which many had already predicted would fall behind Iron Man - did even worse than originally thought.  At one point, it was believed the anime adaptation would debut in 2nd place.  Unfortunately, the final box office numbers placed the PG film in third.

Meanwhile, became the second wedding-themed entry in the recent Top Ten.  The comedy, starring Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher, replaced Made of Honor as the go to ‘chick flick’ of the week.  The movie grossed $20.1 million, a slim $1.6 million more than Speed.

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Box Office Breakdown: Iron Man Strikes Gold

Iron Man

Where exactly can the summer box office go from here?

This past weekend, blasted into theaters in a big way.  The comic book adaptation raked in a whopping $102 million putting an $87 million difference between itself and its nearest competitor.  The PG-13 film officially became the 10th best opener of all time and had the second best premiere for any non-sequel.  (Spider-Man grossed $114.8 million back in 2002.)

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The Latest Incredible Hulk Trailer

While I think this trailer for is definitely an improvement over the earlier version, I still don’t think there’s anything they could do to make that green guy look less cheesy. 

And am I the only one who thinks they they should have kept that other ugly thing under wraps?

‘s version of The Incredible Hulk storms into theaters on June 13.

Get a Look at Land of the Lost

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Land of the Lost, Sleestak

Back in February, we told you about a planned remake of the ‘70s series, .  The comedy, starring Will Ferrell, would give a modern update to the mysterious land filled with dinosaurs and things called Pakuni.

While the recreation will not have any kids (they’ve been replaced by two adult companions), other elements of the original show will remain as true as possible.  In the picture above, you can see director Brad Silberling’s (Lemony Snicket) version of the classic Sleestaks.  The lizard creatures - which won’t be products of CGI - will come with slightly enhanced features.  Instead of being armed with crossbows, the green guys will be able to draw quills from their spines.

Production on the project is currently underway.

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Box Office Breakdown: Women Rule with Baby Mama

Baby Mama

Although still struggles to compete on Thursdays, Tina Fey’s had no problem topping the competition.  The film, co-starring Amy Poehler, earned $17.4 million and made a showing for women everywhere.  When’s the last time a movie with two female leads debuted at #1?

Interestingly enough, Mama‘s screen average ($6845) was outdone by another female-centric movie: .  The movie that was directed and written by star Helen Hunt earned $8066 per screen this weekend.  Fairly impressive considering Found, also featuring Bette Midler, opened in 44th place.

Friday’s other big entry - - came in second place with a $14.9 million take.  Surprisingly, that gross nearly equals what the original film raked in during it’s total run.

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The Incredible Hulk Trailer

.  This is the movie that’s supposed to make us forget about Ang Lee’s 2003 mistake called Hulk

Unfortunately, I just found myself giggling after I saw the big, cheesy reveal. 

Question is:  Could they have possibly made the green guy look better?  After seeing movies like , have we come to expect too much from our ‘monsters’?

The Incredible Hulk comes to life this summer on June 13.

Sequel News: Bourne Series, Transporter, Terminator

Put Description HereAlthough many critics had hoped would be seriously considered for a Best Film award, the thriller did walk away with three statues at Sunday’s Academy Awards.  (The movie won for Best Film Editing, Best Sound Editing and Best Sound mixing.)  Now it appears the Bourne series could have a another chance at even more nominations.

According to Variety, Universal is already planning a fourth installment for the action franchise.  Better yet - director Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon will also be on board.  This news comes as surprise to many.  Even though the trilogy definitely had an audience and respect, it appeared that the story could have run its course.  In an interview with Entertainment Weekly back in August, Damon admitted that the long production was basically being written on the fly.

No projected release date has been announced yet.  Both Greengrass and Damon have other commitments to attend to first.

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FilmCrunch 067: Hairspray, Chuck & Larry, Premonition reviewed

In this episode of FilmCrunch, Veronica Santiago and Neil Estep review Hairspray, along with the DVD release of Premonition. Neil also hits us with a 60 second review of I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. All that, plus your typical dose of hilarity, in this episode.

Now we want to hear from you - hit the forums and let us know what you think, what you want us to watch next, and any other recommendations you have for the show.

Toshiba Stops HD DVD Production

Toshiba, HD DVD

It’s official.  is DOA.

Toshiba finally announced Tuesday what had been rumored for days—it is pulling out of the high-definition market.  Although the HD DVD system preceded Sony’s product, sales have steadily outpaced its competitor.

In the past few months, major studios have aligned themselves with the Sony brand.  Even though Paramount and Universal continued to offer their titles on HD DVD, it was clear the Toshiba format was being crippled.

Recent decisions made by Wal-Mart and Netflix helped drive a nail into the HD DVD coffin.  The companies announced they would no longer be making the high-def option available to its customers.

Shipments of the Toshiba systems will wrap up by March.

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Ferrell and Friel in ‘Land of the Lost’

Land of the LostFor his next film, comedian will be taking a step back from his sports-related projects.  After positioning himself on the race track, ice rink and basketball court—he will now find himself smack in the middle of a prehistoric world when he takes on the 70’s classic series, .

The movie, based on the cult kid’s show, will also star of s newest hit, .  The classic version (which I personally recall watching in the 80’s) centered around a family of three - father, daughter, son - who got themselves stuck on some strange island filled with dinosaurs and alien-like creatures.  In this updated treatment, Ferrell will play a ‘disgraced paleontologist’ while Friel will be the obligatory love interest.  (What this means for Cha-Ka and the kids, I don’t know.)

No estimated release date has been announced for the production.

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