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Wednesday September 21, 2011 1:47 am

Christopher Nolan Keeping Close Tabs on Dark Knight Script

The Dark Knight RisesGary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon director Christopher Nolan won't give out scripts for the film's final scenes. The filmmaker is determined to keep the ending of his third Batman movie - which stars Christian Bale as the caped crusader - under wraps so he is instead advising his cast on the story verbally in order to minimize the chance of leaks.

"Christopher doesn't want anyone to ruin it and I completely understand that. The newer people on the film go to his office to read the script. They sent mine out, but it had to be hand delivered directly to me and nobody else. And the final few pages were missing. I went along and talked to Christopher and in person about the ending. Then I locked it away in my head," said Gary Oldman, who plays Police Commissioner James Gordon.

Gary is happy with his role in the film and is pleased his career has moved on from the "frenetic" characters of his younger days, such as Drexl from True Romance and Stansfield in Leon. He added, "I was younger then, that's all. In The Dark Knight Rises I'm the 50 year old police commissioner while wonderful, young Heath Ledger is bouncing off the walls as The Joker. Now, had that part come along 15 years ago, people might have said, 'That's a Gary Oldman role.'"



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