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Thursday February 7, 2008 1:34 am

Unboxing: The Official ‘Juno’ Hamburger Phone

Juno Phone 1

It isn’t too often we here at FilmCrunch get to do an official unboxing like our sister site, Unboxing.com. But I kind of think this actually one-ups their normal gadgetry, allowing you to get your vicarious thrills doubly—it’s cool and it’s related to one of this year’s best films, Juno. Case in point, I give you the Official Juno Hamburger Phone. Yes, that so-ugly-and-weird-that-it’s-cute-and-I-actually-really-want-one phone was handed to me as part of the film’s promotion, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

I haven’t had the chance to use it yet—I don’t have a landline—but I hear it works about as well as the one from the movie. Remind me not to use it the next time I call my local abortion clinic.

Check the rest of the meaty, telephony photos after the jump.

Juno Phone 2

Juno Phone 3

That’s such a great line. Diablo Cody, you deserve that Oscar.

Juno Phone 4

Juno Phone 5

Mmmm. Does anyone else wish McDonald’s would start putting their burgers in bubble wrap?

Juno Phone 6

Juno Phone 7

Juno Phone 8

Notice the fine craftsmanship. Those sesame seeds look good enough to eat. Careful, all you sleepeaters—you might end up with a chipped tooth and a hefty phone bill.

Juno Phone 9

Juno Phone 10

This is the best: the buttons are embedded in the cheese. Seriously, can this thing be any cooler?! I guess it’s more of a cheeseburger phone . . . that is, of course, if you count what is probably supposed to represent American cheese as actual cheese.

Juno Phone 11

For a more serious take on the unboxing phenomenon, please, check out our sister site, Unboxing.com. And don’t forget to cheer on Juno, director Jason Reitman, screenwriter Diablo Cody, and the smart-mouthed, burger phone-wielding Ellen Page at the 80th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday, February 24th.



cool! i love that phone! but i have gotten a similar one from:

That a super looking phone. Anything would work better than the one we have though….


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