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Friday March 31, 2006 3:08 pm

The iRon - iPod Dock And Clothes Iron


The Gear4 Store has an iPod accessory for sale that positively has to be an early April Fool’s joke.  The iRon is a clothes iron and iPod dock all rolled into one.  A cradle on the back of the iron accepts all iPod models (except for the Shuffle), and 6-watt stereo speakers pump out the tunes.  The reason the Shuffle isn’t supported is because all iron controls are accessed using the iPod’s interface and LCD screen.  Water level, battery life and temperature are shown on the LCD and steam control is handled by “SteamTempo”.  SteamTempo is a unique process that ties in with your choice of music where soft, smooth music delivers low amounts of steam and tracks with heavy bass delivers lots of steam.  The iRon comes with a travel case and doesn’t requires batteries or recharging.

Why do we believe this to be a fake bit of kit?  Let us count the ways:

  1. It’s a ludicrous concept.
  2. It’s supposed to use the battery on the iPod for power.  Yeah, right.
  3. Gear4 can’t seem to decide whether the speakers are 2 x 3-watt or 2 x 6-watt.
  4. The product picture is a render.  Real products deserve real pictures.
  5. The real clue?  The price.  £104.06 (1st of April 2006)

It’ll be interesting to see what other “real” products are introduced today that sound too good (or too stupid) to be real. 

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