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Monday March 14, 2005 5:11 pm

Impress Your LAN Friends: “Piston” Cylindrical SFF Case

Posted by Hector Martinez Categories: PC / Laptop

Piston SFF  Sometimes the thought of carrying a mid-size tower to a LAN event will send the mind reeling with images of dinged up cases, broken PC components, and dropped hard drives.  That’s why I appreciate portable small form factor cases like this one.  If the cylindrical shape of the Piston SFF didn’t already catch your eye, the spiffy color might do the trick; plus it also houses a built in subwoofer.  On the back, there are four USB ports, S-Video, SP/DIF out, Ethernet and audio. Two more USB ports, and an additional FireWire and SP/DIF port are located on the side, along with a headphone and microphone port.  It supports Intel P4 Prescott processors up to 3.8 GHz, and either an embedded graphics solution, or a PCIe x16 graphics card.  The Piston SFF can be yours for $400.

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I see the box.net promotion.  Can I can my free account?  Thanks grin

The funny thing is I think you’d get laughed at, at a LAN party.  The few LANs I’ve been to people had such budget ghetto rigs.  I mean I saw more than one held together with duct tape.  Its all about whats inside and more than that how many dudes heads you blow off shock  shock  shock

Sweet doesn’t even begin to explain how awesome this thing is.  I’d throw down the cash…....if I had it.

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