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Thursday July 28, 2005 3:27 pm

More Ammunition For The Video iPod Rumors

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Description Both Sharp and PortalPlayer seem to be fanning the vPod rumors flying around the Internet right now. Portal Player is an embedded system on a chip manufacturer that has produced the basic MP3 player functionality for the iPod and many other MP3 players.  Their chipset is capable of reading a hard drive and playing the MP3 data contained on it. Apple has utilized the Portal Player chip along with off the shelf parts and an award winning Apple designed user interface to create the best sellingiPod line. Portal Player has announced a new design will be showing up in “exciting new models” of their partners.

Sharp has entered the arena and ArsTechnica is reporting that the Sharp LH7A400 chip package which includes a color LCD controller and video playing capabilities will be shipping in an Apple product. With support for video technologies and removable media coupled with Portal Players system on a chip packed with exciting new features it looks like the VideoiPod is imminent. The one thing of worry is that the Sharp chip’s specification mentions 4:3 not 16:9 - widescreen format is going to be key for a video iPod to be successful in creating the Digital Media Trinity for Apple.

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