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Thursday January 26, 2006 7:33 pm

iMac 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo Impressions

Intel iMacI have had a 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo iMac for a 7 days now. A few observations:

The stock 512 MB RAM was not enough to keep up with my tasks - that being 15 or so Safari tabs open, iTunes, iMovie, and Garageband open and doing their thing, plus Photoshop, Mail, and NetNewsWire open as well. I know, I am not the “average” user. Truly, even with just the browser and Mail open, I felt the lag. Impressively though, on the G5 my processor would run at about 60% (with 2 GB RAM) when I had all that running. With the 512 MB RAM, the processor was running at 16%. Amazing.

Yesterday I upgraded this thing to 2 GB RAM. It FLIES. I am more than impressed. iMovie and ffmpegx encode video swiftly compared to the G5. You would not believe how many applications I have open right now. In addition to the ones listed above, I also have Adium, Transmit, Windows Media Player, Quicktime, and ffmpegx all running. I have tons of windows open (the 20″ screen makes this manageable). My processor is currently running at 17%! Unreal. I have about 120 MB RAM available as well.

Really - the new iMacs are a thing of beauty if you need an elegant workhorse of a PC.

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i assume everything is integrated. good luck on the upgrades! 0-2% flexibility? video card is nice, but will hurt when new technology requires more. unfortunately, cpu, etc is affected due to the slow and lagging ata drive they provide. Why did apple move away from SCSI anyway?

teh endorsements, the goofy but still geeky(which is good) products you introduce. The Gizmatic Segment.
The key here is that there’s no smooth transition from Andru’s speech to Sparky’s speech. As much as I abhor segueways, it does do it’s job. Like that segway into the Shaving Gillette Fusion segment. Corny but coy and effective. It’s also weird to see the same colored laptops.

I actually like the content of the Gizmatic segment. Just not some of the technical details. The exact thing about this recent episode was that Sparky would always say “I would buy it”—even though I think he prolly would, but you dont respond so the statement really has no purpose. And Sparky said “I would buy it” twice which was kindah repetitive.

Just from a script perspective is all. And then when you did the news review of products, you guys din’t sync right. I mean, Andru’s point on the 128kbps Itunes purchased songs being wasted on hi-fidelity speakers was never addressed by Sparky. There were other odds and ends there.

The 2nd one was where Sparky did have a valid point and Andru just repeated what he had said before. And then, the camera guy talked about wifi in strip clubs which Sparky commented on but Andru dismissed which came off as callous.

Mostly, I think it’s just pre-production scripting/timing errors. The best moments of gizmatic are when you guys are at your corniest.

Having said all that, you guys have some great content. Hah, Man-purse.

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