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Friday November 11, 2005 3:31 am

How To Achieve That Perfect Shave

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Perfect Shave

If you are a typical American male, it might be comforting to know that you - more than likely - shave completely wrong. If you use a disposable razor with 5 or 6 blades, you are not a proper gentleman. What you should have is a brush made of badger hair for starters:

Q: What are the basic tools you need for wetshaving?

A: The perfect shave has three ingredients: a good razor, a good brush, and glycerin-based shaving cream. But the biggest difference between wetshaving and the way most guys shave today is the use of a shaving brush. A good badger-hair shaving brush is the single most important ingredient in getting the perfect shave—if you change no part of your shaving routine except to add a good shaving brush to the mix, you’ll be astounded at how much better and more enjoyable your shaves become.

This is an excerpt from an article we found on MSNBC. A lot of good information here. If we try to make the switch, expect some interesting images.

Read More | MSNBC via Utter Sarcasm

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I use a braun Electric shaver and some electric razor pre shave lotion. Williams Lectric Shave. Works great! Gives me a smooth shave and smells good grin

A M3 Power. I just use shaving cream.

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