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Friday August 12, 2005 12:30 pm

Hacked OSx86 Will Run On PC Hardware

Posted by Jesse Easley Categories: PC / Laptop, Software

Description Nowadays it’s expected that any type of software that is released will get hacked by someone.  Well, it seems hackers have made a very impressive hack to Mac OSX, which will allow it to be used on a PC. The better part to this is:

  • Of course PC hardware has always run cheaper than its Mac counterpart
  • The hacked version of OSX, named OSx86, runs faster on a PC than any G4 or G5 around

OSx86 is designed to run on Apple Computer’s next generation of hardware, which some call “MacIntels” and others “MacTels” because the machines will run on Intel microprocessors rather than the PowerPC processor used in current Macs. The hacked version of OSx86 is based on pirated software, which came from copies of the operating system sent to participants in the Apple Developer Connection. The ADC participants also received MacIntel computers for testing and development.

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