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Thursday March 17, 2005 2:34 pm

Google Opens Up Gmail

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DescriptionWhile iSnoop has been working just fine for those needing a Gmail account, you can now grab one straight from the source.  From the look of the page, Google has apparently invited a bunch of people to sign up for a Gmail account. If you go to the main Gmail page, there is no link provided that lets you sign up for the service. However, using the following link, you can sign up without having to get on any mailing list and requiring no invitation. No telling on how long this one will last, so get in quick.

(Thanks TimS432!)

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great…now the 3 trillion invites I have will go to waste :(

Yeah, it looks like you still can’t really sign up for it yet.  If anyone does want some accounts though, just email me at filmnut@gmail.com and I’ll make sure to throw some your way.

interesting. Now i can get all my friends over :D

If anyone still needs a Gmail Invitation email me at iamjamoke [at] gmail [dot] com

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