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Tuesday June 21, 2005 3:37 pm

Almost Pr0n Ironing Board Covers

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Misc. Tech

Jordan Ironing Board Cover

What an interesting way to spice up your home life, huh? These ironing board covers feature well-known beauts from over in England - Kelly, Jordan (Katie Price), Richard, and Mark. A quick look at the site reveals that women do more ironing than men, even in the U.K., as the two women-clad covers are available for purchase, while the male counterparts are sold out. Now, the unique part - if you iron over the clothing that the stars are wearing, it disappears, rendering them naked. Order yours now for 14.95 pounds, or 27.25 US.

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hehe shweeeet! is like the pen that you flip around and the clothes fall off the lady inside the pen.

lmao, well I guess that is one way to get the guys to do some of the housework. I mean if vacuuming somehow took the clothes off some hot chicks on my floor I would probably be all over it too.

Strange choice to put it on an ironing board though. Maybe on a pillow or something?

And is it me or does the pictured posted for the story look more like a photo of a RealDoll than a real person?

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