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Friday September 29, 2006 6:35 pm

3D TVs No Longer Need Glasses

Posted by Sheila Franklin Categories: Home Entertainment

DoCoMo 3D SystemYou won’t have to wear those nerdy glasses anymore to watch 3D television. NTT DoCoMo, Inc. has announced that it has developed a portable, 7-inch 3D display system in cooperation with Associate Professor Yasuhiro Takagi of Tokyo University. This system utilizes a camera embedded in the display’s LCD screen, so that images can be viewed within a 60º horizontal angle and 30º vertical angle (based on the viewer’s position relative to the screen) through a lenticular (single-convex) lens attached to the front of the screen.

Philips, Sharp, and Toshiba are also all in development to create their own 3D TVs. Joe Swillens of Philips 3D Solutions says, “What is happening, technically, is that the lens is basically making sure the two eyes of us are seeing different parts of the screen. So the lens makes sure the left eye sees a certain set of pixels and the right eye another set of pixels and if the electronics makes sure the right images are there, the brain does the rest and creates a 3D experience.”
3D displays are already being sold to businesses for around $12,000. DoCoMo will exhibit their system at CEATEC JAPAN 2006 from October 3 - 7.

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