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David Lee As a proud former owner of the backboard breaking David Lee, this news out of New York is very refreshing for the big man’s fantasy value under Mike D’Antoni.

There are many reasons starting [David] Lee with Zach Randolph up front is more logical in D’Antoni’s speedball attack. Lee can run the floor, is a better rebounder, passer and decision-maker than [Eddy] Curry. The only thing Curry has on Lee is being a more potent low-post scorer in a half-court set.

But that’s mostly obsolete in this offense, and Randolph can provide low-post points. Simply put, a Randolph-Lee front court is a more sensible tandem.

Oh, and don’t forget that Lee will be in a contract year this season.  Money makes the man do crazy things, especially when it comes to the box score.



You won't be seeing this for a few months… Um…Not good.  Especially if you’re a Warriors fan or a keeper league owner with Monta Ellis on your roster.

Per ESPN’s Marc Stein:

In the latest blow during a difficult summer for Golden State, ESPN.com has learned that Ellis—just awarded one of the biggest pay raises in league history—will be sidelined at least three months, possibly four, after suffering a severe high ankle sprain in his hometown of Jackson, Miss.

Ellis was scheduled to undergo surgery on his left ankle in Alabama on Wednesday, according to team sources, after he informed the club late last week that he had injured himself working out. More specifics about how Ellis sustained the injury were not immediately available.

Now while the megadeal that the Warriors gave Ellis isn’t looking so hot.  However, picking up Marcus Williams in one of the quieter moves of the season could wind up paying huge dividends - especially early on.  Those that were hoping to add Williams as a sleeper this season will have to bump him up their draft sheets a bit as this news is bound to make said “sleeper” not so much of one any longer. 

Sources: Warriors’ Ellis out at least 3 months because of ankle injury [ESPN]

Last season, I blanket vetoed any and all members of the New York Knicks.  Too inconsistent, lacking motivation, and well…Zach Randolph was in town.  This year, my feelings towards Stephon Marbury haven’t changed all too much, but the addition of Mike D’Antoni should be enough to shift most of us to at least a “semi-favorable” feeling on some of the guys suiting up in Madison Square Garden.  You know they’ll at least score a bunch.  But do not let yourself be fooled in to thinking Starbury has shifted his focus from the back seat of trucks to the hardwood.

While one would think Stephon would need to make up some lost ground for the Steve and Barry’s bankruptcy, the New York Times reports that the recent signing of Chris Duhon could be for more than just a warm body off of the bench. 

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Well, the week is over, so hopefully everyone won their matchups.  Short weeks can either be a good pick-me-up if you need some wins, or a very bad ordeal if you have a good team that lost to an inferior one due to games played.

Let me preface this All-Star edition by saying I truly hope The Big Easy pulls this off. It’s probably going to be a big factor in whether basketball stays in New Orleans. Sadly, with the attendance figures down there, it’s looking like a negative. But I think if they can pull off a great All-Star Weekend, that may change. One can only hope.

The Fig Cap: The hometown All-Star came up short in the three-point shootout, but didn’t the rest of the week.

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Ryan Gomes - Fantasy BasketballWire to Wire aims to be your waiver wire resource for all of your fantasy basketball needs. It will dive into playing time trends, injury replacements, and even an occasional category specialist—all of which can be found on a typical waiver wire within your fantasy league at any given time.

Another week, and some more big-name injuries to tend to in the fantasy basketball world.  As if Andrew Bynum wasn’t enough, the Lakers are now going to be without Trevor Ariza.  The Nuggets are now contending with the loss of another forward, the Pacers may be missing an All-Star for the rest of the season, and we may be seeing a long-term answer at the starting off-guard for the Bulls.  With all of this having fantasy implications, let’s dig into this week’s edition of Wire to Wire.

Fig Cap: B-Diddy Can Testify!

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Andrei Kirilenko… MAC

The Fig Cap: Milk is chillin’... I am chillin’... What more can I say, top billin’.

For those of you that were waiting for the return of Dwyane Wade, to a lesser degree, Ron Artest, and to an even lesser degree, Stephen Jackson, your patience will be rewarded this coming week with a full set of games for the week.  But before we get down with what individual players have been doing and could possibly continue to do, it’s time to peep the number of games each NBA team has going on in Week Four of the fantasy basketball season.

Also check out DroppingDimes.com’s Rankings for Week Four where we breakdown the top 20 players at each position!

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The Fig Cap:
Who doesn’t like boobies… err, Boobie’s game.

Another week in fantasy basketball land and we’re starting to see some players stepping up their game and establishing themselves (Daniel Gibson, Ronnie Brewer, Francisco Garcia) or RE-establishing their fantasy value (Chris Kaman, Richard Jefferson) – but for how long?  We’ll look into this and other things to think about for the upcoming week.  But, first let’s look at how many times each team plays next week…

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Al Thornton

The Fig Cap: “Satten said he doesn’t believe?  WHAT?!?!?”

October 30th will soon be upon us when the Portland Trail Blazers, sans Greg Oden, take on the defending NBA champion San Antonio Spurs led by Tim Duncan.  And later on that night, the revamped/revitalized Houston Rockets with their dynamic duo of Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady do battle with Kobe Bryant’s Los Angeles Lakers (as of this writing, anyway; who knows what happens with the Black Mamba with all of these rumors flying around).  What else do you need to know about the start of the 2007-08 NBA season?

That’s what The Fantasy Jump Off is all about.

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Power forward is likely the most important position in fantasy basketball.  They can knock out FG%, FT%, rebounds, points, and blocks with only one of your picks.  If you draft them right, they can allow you to go cheap at center, the least deep position in fantasy hoops.  There is so much depth at the four spot that you can get lucky and take an elite power forward early or wait for one later on. Remember also that the majority of good centers are power forward eligible, adding to the aforementioned depth.  However, you’ll probably want to play those F/C players at center, but it’s nice to have options and flexibility while you’re drafting.

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Andre Miller
Andre Miller is not flashy.  At all.  He averages a whopping 14.1 points over his career.  He’s probably never dunked a ball.  There is nothing exciting about the man at all.  So why do fantasy owners love him?  His 7.6 career assists.

He’s the perfect compliment to a team who doesn’t have an All-Star point guard, or one that plans on going cheap at the position.  I mean come on, I’m getting all these assists halfway through the draft.  So what’s wrong with the guy?  Nothing, and that is why he’s a perfect pick at this stage.

So if you didn’t get Steve Nash or Gilbert Arenas or you want some security for injury-plagued Baron Davis or the declining Chauncey Billups, keep your eyes peeled for Miller.  You’ll like him more than Stephon Marbury or Jameer Nelson and their bad percentages later on, I promise you.

Round 6, Pick 5: Andre Miller, PG, Philadelphia 76ers

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