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Tuesday February 6, 2007 10:47 am

Dropping Dimes On The Daily: February 6, 2007

Caron ButlerDropping Dimes On The Daily is all about the team looking at the previous night’s performances and mentioning those that did pretty goodly and those that did pretty badly.  Goodly is a word, right?  Anyway, this will be a quick look around the league, so don’t expect a ton of text, just some daily fantasy basketball goodness!!!  Please note that this is the fantasy basketball section of ElevationMag.com’s Daily Top Picks.  Check it out and see your daily rumors, quotes, headlines, and facts!  But read the fantasy section HERE!

The Fig Cap: HIBACHI!  What?  That’s taken?

Caron Butler further proved that he is deserving of an All-Star nod with a 38 point performance in a win against the Seattle Mediocresonics.  Butler not only “served” up the points, but he also ripped some rocks to the tune of four.

Stephen Jackson, who has mostly been on an up-and-down trend since joining the Golden State Warriors surely picked a great time to have his best game since joining the Warriors.  Jackson effectively did a crotch chop to the team that jettisoned him off, the Pacers, by hanging 36 points including four bombs at Indy.  There is no truth to the rumor that he went to a strip club afterwards.

Carmelo Anthony had a triple-double last night in a loss to the Suns - 31 points, 10 boards, and 10 dimes.  Marcus Camby and Allen Iverson should get injured more often… so says the Melo owner that does not have the Camby Man and the Answer.

In that same Nuggets/Suns game, Nene also went off for 27 points and seven glass cleanings.  Camby should get injured more often… and that is likely to happen.  If you haven’t picked up Nene yet, especially in the midst of all the injuries happening, hopefully you can pick up the big Brazilian.

Sam “Oh Damn!” Dalembert is proving to be a pretty good center and is starting to roll we all hoped (and by “all,” I’m talking about those of us who took him in the sixth round in most of their - MY! - leagues).  Dalembert hit for 14 points, grabbed 17 boards, and had four “get that shiznit out of here"s!!!  A double-double the rest of the way, along with a trinity of blocks is not out of the question at all.

Why are people enamored with Mike Dunleavy?  Versatility.  He shot crappy last night (4-for-15; 3-for-9 from the land of trey), but he hauled in 13 rebounds and dropped seven dimes.  On the Pacers, Junior will get every opportunity to prove the man-love for him valid.

Speaking of versatility, Lamar Odom had 15 points, 18 rees, and six assists.  I’d have a BROmance with Odom… but Kobe Bryant probably already is.

Andre Iguodala is kind of FIERCE right now!  Like Martik Manoukian (from last week’s American Idol audition), Iguodala is playing like a full-grown panther.  ROAR!  When Iverson was there, Iggy was more like a baby panther, but now, he’s leading the pack.  The new A.I. scored 23 points, had seven rebounds and led the league last night with 15 assists.  FIERCE!  ROAR!!!

My favorite lines come from Earl Watson who had five points and 10 dimes and Steve Blake who had four points and also a dollar’s worth of assists.  And let me add Smush Parker in there who had three points, five dimes, and six rock rips.

Catch you on the rebound!



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