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Thursday September 3, 2009 2:59 pm

Marvel Comics Review: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2

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Rating: ***

The relaunch of the Ultimate Universe continues this month with issue two of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man.  I liked this issue, but it was nothing spectacular.  Where issue one showed more of the aftermath of Ultimatum, this issue sets up the various stories that will be taking place in the book.  At the end of issue one we saw the Kingpin fall to his death thanks to Mysterio.  Issue two confirms that as for now, the Ultimate Universe’s Kingpin is now dead.  I say as for now because you never know with comics.  Maybe that guy wasn’t the Kingpin.  Maybe it was an actor playing the Kingpin.  Right Aunt May?  Ugh!

Anyway.  Mysterio is looking to not simply be the new Kingpin of Crime, but the ruler of the world.  Get in line Mysterio, so does every other bad guy in the comic book world.  I like this version of Mysterio better than the regular Marvel Universe one.  Although I like the classic fish bowl look, you could never really take Mysterio seriously as far being a serious threat to the world.  This Ultimate version doesn’t have the fish bowl and gives off a Dr Doom like vibe as far potential to really do some damage in the Ultimate Universe.  It would be cool to see if Mysterio did become a major bad guy that all of the Ultimate Universe would have to unite against because he’s so dangerous.  We’ll see.

Mutant bigotry is alive and well in the Ultimate Universe as well as Flash Thompson and other students of Midtown High School begin throwing food at Kitty Pryde in order to make her use her powers.  Kong her former boyfriend comes to her defense.  Flash gets detention, but so does Kitty as mutants are not allowed to use their powers on school grounds.  Mary Jane who is a reporter for the school website tapes the entire incident.  However, Kitty destroys her camera as she doesn’t want MJ to run the story even though MJ promises it will be positive.

The rest of the issue shows Peter as Spider-Man battling a new mother and daughter team of super villains who are out to rob some jewelry.  Spidey saves the day of course and we end with Johnny Storm back at the Parker household waking up on Peter’s couch.  Aunt May is there to greet him.  She asks him what happened to him and where has he been and we end there.

A good issue, but as I said more of a set up for things to come.  I wonder if the Human Torch will be more of a supporting character to Spidey here in the Ultimate Universe than he is in the Marvel Universe.  The Ultimate Fantastic Four do not have their own comic anymore and as far as I know there are no plans.  I’m still not crazy about Gwen Stacy being Peter’s regular girlfriend, but I do hope he makes his way back to MJ.  I like the mother/daughter super villain team.  They call themselves the Bombshells.  I think they can be fun.  An ongoing annoyance to Spider-Man.  The daughter has a bit of a potty mouth.  Maybe she could become a high school student at Midtown?  That could open up a whole lot of story possibilities.

Artist David Lafuente still continues to draw Spider-Man and Peter Parker as if he’s 12 years old in my opinion.  I like his work, but nothing beats Mark Bagley.  I prefer his work on Marvel characters than I do his work on DC characters. 

So continue to get this kids.  Writer Brian Michael Bendis continues his great run on the character and isn’t slowing down.  Pick it up!



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