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Black MacBook

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Flickr member jeffoxenberg posted a great set of pics of the Unboxing Ceremony for his shiny matte new MacBook in black:


You can check out all the photos in his Flickr set here.

Thanks to everyone for the great submissions to the Unboxing group on Flickr! 😊


Flickr user and blog buddy Nick Starr has contibuted some nice photos to the Unboxing group on Flickr, including these Out of the Box shots of the T-Mobile MDA Windows Mobile phone (a.k.a. the Cingular 8125 - variants of the HTC Wizard):

You can see the rest of Nick’s photos of the T-Mobile MDA in his Flickr set by the same name.

Thanks, Nick! 😊

Flickr user paradigm4 has posted a lot of great stuff to the Unboxing Group Photo Pool on Flickr. For instance, his shots of the unboxing ceremony of an Apple Airport Express:

Check out paradigm4’s Airport Express opening goodness set for some more great shots.

I intend to highlight submissions to the Unboxing group from time to time, so keep ‘em coming! 😊

Flickr user luisjorge51 posted some unboxing pics of the tiny little Casio Exilim EX-Z60 digital camera:

Go check out the rest of the photos in the Unboxing Group Photo Pool on Flickr, and don’t forget to submit your own!.

Got a nice email from Florine over at bright.nl. Turns out they have a feature where they unbox something every week, and post the video of it. It’s called Uitpakparty.

Uitpakparty: Samsung S800

They’ve got everything from some iPod speakers to a waterscooter to a TomTom GO 910 GPS navigation system.

There’s an RSS feed, but I don’t see any enclosures, so no automatic video podcast download

Here’s the podcast compatible RSS feed, with enclosures and iTunes metadata. Thanks to the commenters who found this. It’s in Dutch, but still very cool and interesting, even if you don’t speak Dutch. Check it out! 😊

As promised, fellow gadget geek and all around nice guy Kevin Tofel has posted video of the Unboxing Ceremony of his brand spaking new (even shipped a day early!) Samsung Q1 UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC).


Head on over to the post for a link to the video.

What does Kevin have to say about unwrapping his new beauty?

This is the official “live” unboxing of the device and I try to show you every component of the Q1 packaging and contents. Overall, I’m very impressed; the packaging almost justifies that $1,099 price tag.

Thanks for sharing your Unboxing Ceremony with us, Kevin! 😊

Oh, and for the record, I’m officially jealous of Kevin and anyone else who has managed to get their hands on a UMPC. 😉

EDIT: Watched the video - Kevin is a funny guy! Very entertaining, thorough, and informative. And thanks for the Unboxing.com plug, Kevin! (right around 2:40 into the video)

R. Wildman over at UMPC Weekly got his hands on a new Samsung Q1 UMPC. No pics yet, but he describes his Unboxing experience:

Let’s talk briefly about the “unboxing”. This is apparently a big thing to some. To be honest, as I began the unboxing, I was overwhelmed. I must say that Samsung did an amazing job in packaging this system. The packaging is gorgeous! Heck, the box weighs more than the actual computer! I plan to post some pictures of the unboxing. Look for them in the next day or so. I would have posted them tonight, but as you will see, I have been busy.

Looking forward to the pics!

Kevin Tofel over at jkontherun is expecting delivery of his Q1 tomorrow. I’m sure we’ll be treated to photos and maybe even video of his Unboxing Ceremony, in true Kevin style. 😊

Just wanted to point out the Unboxing group and photo pool on Flickr. Now that this site has taken off (and boy, has it! traffic has been amazing - far beyond my expectations! 😊), people are starting to submit their stuff to the group.

Just today, we’ve got photos of the Unboxing Ceremonies of an iPod HiFi, Nintendo DS, Motorola Q Smartphone, and a shiny new white MacBook. Thanks to everyone who has contributed!

The little Flickr badge in the sidebar will always rotate through the latest pics in the group pool. You can join the group, or subscribe to the group’s photo feed. Just one more way to fulfill your Unboxing wants and needs. 😊

Lucky Engadget Mobile reader Andy Pargh got his hands on the new Treo 700p (PalmOS version) from Verizon, and hooked them up with the Unboxing pics:

Check out the article for a ton more pics. Probably not all that different from the already-released Treo 700w (Windows Mobile version), but still great pics, and an awesome device.

Going to be a lot of these coming, as the Q gets released to the general public on May 31.

Dave Ciccone over at Mobility Today dropped a tip with these photos he grabbed at a preview event (check the link to see them all):

And EngadgetMobile has some Unboxing Ceremony pics of the Q, too, presumably from the same event (again, lots more pics at the link)

I’m very tempted to replace my Verizon Samsung i730 Windows Mobile phone with the Q - there’s no doubt it’s a very sexy device.

EDIT 1: Fellow gadget geek Matt “palmsolo” Miller came through with some more unboxing pics of the Q - check out the whole set on Flickr (13 photos).

Matt wrote the nice reviewers guide that Verizon is apparently going to be shipping out with review units to press, etc. He’s also got a write up of the Q “in the lab” over at Geek.com. (Update: here’s a link to Matt’s great review of the Q over at geek.com.)
I’ll likely be updating this post as more Unboxing Ceremony shot of the Q emerge, to stay tuned, or better yet, subscribe to the Unboxing.com feed.