On Gear Live: Samsung S95C: The OLED TV You Can’t Afford (to Ignore!)

Way back when I got my PSP, I videoblogged the Unboxing Ceremony. Months later, this is still one of the most popular pages on TinyScreenfuls.com, and I continue to get emails (and even phone calls - my cell number is posted on my blog) from people telling me they enjoyed it.

Huh. Never would have predicted that. 😊

So, for your enjoyment, here it is: You can download the video directly at this link (WMV, 35MB, 10 minutes), and it’s included as an enclosure in this post, so if you subscribe to the Unboxing.com feed in a podcast-aware aggregator, like iTunes, you will get it (and future audio/video content) automagically.


Here's how to get the show:
|Download| - iPod-formatted H.264


Here are some photos I took for the Unboxing Ceremony when I got my iPod 5G 60GB, along with the Apple in-ear headphones and the A/V cable.

You can see all the photos in this photo set on Flickr.

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of opening a new piece of gear. The smell, the excitement and anticipation, and the feeling of holding whatever it is in your hands for the first time. While it’s not quite the same, I suspect that you get a little of that feeling when you share in someone else’s Unboxing Ceremony. I know I do.

My name is Josh Bancroft, and I’m a geek. I blog over at TinyScreenfuls.com, and I love gadgets, gear, and new toys. Whenever I get a new piece of gear, I usually document the “Unboxing Ceremony” in some way - photos, usually, but sometimes video if it’s really special.

It seems like I’m not the only one - across all the blogs that I read, I see lots of other people posting pictures or video of their own Unboxing Ceremonies. My Unboxing posts at TinyScreenfuls.com continue to be some of the most popular pages on the site, and I even get emails from people telling me how much they enjoyed the ones I’ve shared. So I got the wild idea to create this site, to aggregate them in one place.

I’ll be sharing my own Unboxing Ceremonies here (past, present, and future!), and linking to others I come across in my wanderings. If you have a Unboxing Ceremony you’d like to share, drop me a line at {encode:share@unboxing.com}.

Subscribe to the feed, and get all the vicarious thrills of new gadgets as soon as they’re available.

Thanks for dropping by! 😊

My friend Tod at work is a Mac head, and ordered a MacBook Pro as soon as the keynote was over. It arrived last week, and he was gracious (and strong willed!) enough to wait until getting into the office to open it, so I could come and gawk and oooh and aaah.

You can find the rest of the photos of the Unboxing Ceremony (25 in all) in this photo set on Flickr.

Ah, the excitement of vicarious geekiness!