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My Name Is Earl

This week Earl’s goal was to make up for making fun of people with accents. The way he goes about this is to teach foreigners how to speak English. In the beginning, we see clips of Earl making fun of various foreigners with different accents with his brother laughing right along with him. Catalina tells Earl that he should not only be ashamed of himself, but he needs to teach people the English language. Earl’s friend Ralph (Giovanni Rabisi) gets out of jail after 18 months, and Earl makes it known that he wants to keep the whole “list” and “turning my life around” thing secret from him for the time being. Based on that, Earl found himself in some pretty interesting predicaments, as Ralph continued to steal things left and right in Earl’s presence. This brought up the whole karma issue, with Earl wondering if karma would hold him responsible for the bad things his friends was doing in his presence. He immediately went and made everything right by returning or paying for everything that Ralph stole.

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ExtrasThis week on Extras, the star-du-jour was Samuel L. Jackson, starring in some sort of police drama where he referred to himself as “Uncle Sam.” That aside, Andy has to deal with being guilted into dinner with another extra who happens to yearn for any sort of human interaction, while Maggie is smitten with Dan, a black actor. His race comes into play later on in the episode. So at the start, Andy bumps in to an extra who annoys him to no end. The man goes on to tell him about a friend on his who was blinded by bleach. Once their exchange ends, one of the higher-ups comes over to them to discuss one of them getting a speaking role with Samuel Jackson. Andy’s new acquaintance let’s him have it, and only asks that Andy take him out one night to grab some food.

Moving over to lunch, Maggie and Andy find that when they go to sit on the actors’ bus, they are denied because they are “background.” Turns out that the extras have their own bus that they must use for their eating facility. Obviously, they leave annoyed. Andy bumps in to his new friend again, who offers another sad tale from his life’s history, which is supposed to be his segway into another invitation to hang out, throwing beet and Vera Drake into the mix. Finally, Andy tells him that he simply doesn’t care to hang out with him because they aren’t even friends, but the big bald guys states that by going out, they will become friends. So that’s how it works, eh?

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Grey's Anatomy

Since the theme of this week’s show was denial, let me be the first to admit that I was in denial about how good this show really was.  Don’t get me wrong—I’ve always liked the show, but I merely found it entertaining.  It just seemed like your average hospital show in a very good time slot.  But last week something turned around for me and forced me to sit up and take notice.  I’m not sure if I hadn’t been paying close enough attention before or if the writers finally catered to the sensitive girl in me.. all I know is that I found myself crying.  Then this week came around - and I started crying again!

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Dell keeps on keepin’ on with their two latest high definition televisions - the 37-inch W3706C LCD panel, and the W5001C 50-inch plasma. Both units ship with HD tuners, which means you get to experience high definition goodness right out of the box without even having to plug in your cable or satellite feed. The other nice thing about the units is that viewers can view images from two different source inputs simultaneously wiw PIP, POP, or Pbp modes. You can pick up the 37-inch LCD for $2,299, while the plasma is currently going for $3,799.

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DegrassiI remember as young child without access to cable, I would endlessly flip through the few TV channels that I had.  Such determination mixed with boredom introduced my uncultured mind to a world of things, including a foreign channel called CBC.  Thanks to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, I was introduced to endless Bryan Adams videos, unheard of artists like Alison Moyet and most importantly - Degrassi Junior High.

I devoured every Degrassi episode that I could catch.  It was unlike anything I had ever seen on American television.  It was like watching an After School Special every single week. Although I can’t specifically remember all the issues covered during that time (c’mon - that was 1987), I always remembered the episode when the female character, Spike, found out she was pregnant.  She was in junior high!  As someone also in junior high at that time, I was completely stunned to realize that things like that could happen to young pups like me.  Could someone I know also get pregnant anytime soon—or was this just a Canadian thing??  Didn’t this only happen to bad girls in high school?  Now teenage pregnancy may seem like a pretty cliche plot line these days, but this was groundbreaking material at the time, and it was something that was definitely not sugar-coated.

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Alias: The ShedOkay, is it just me—or did Jennifer Garner gain like 20 lbs. since the last episode?  No matter how much she’s gained, I’m apparently the only one who’s noticed because it doesn’t seem to stop her own father from assigning her to risky missions.  Unless, of course, he secretly wants her to miscarry Vaughn’s love-child.  After all, Jack does know first-hand how hard it is to raise a child in this business.

Well, even if Jack Bristow doesn’t recognize Sydney’s limitations, JJ Abrams apparently did, which is why he added another 100+ lbs. to Sydney’s side by giving her another child to look after—a new protege.  While we can understand the introduction of agent Rachel Gibson (after all, Sydney’s zombie/sister is currently of no help to her,) her introduction has been lackluster.  I mean, was it really necessary for them to give her the exact same back story as Sydney’s?  Methinks this is JJ Abrams’ lazy way of plotting out the show beyond this year.  Should Jennifer Garner fail to return post-baby, the producers could just start the show all over again - with the same heroine!  And with the introduction of the new SD-6 clone, The Shed, they could retool the same plot lines as well.

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Michael J. FoxAlex P. Keaton fans—you are in luck!  While you won’t see Elyse, Mallory, Steven, Jennifer and Alex in a reunion episode anytime soon, fans of Michael J. Fox’s work will get to see him again on TV very soon. As we all know, sightings of Michael J. Fox have been rare since he announced being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, but despite his lack of airtime in recent years, Fox proved that he never lost his comedic touch when he appeared on several episodes of Scrubs back in 2004. This time around, Michael J. Fox will sidestep over to a different network and make a three-episode appearance on ABC’s Boston Legal.  Fans should plan on seeing him in December and January as a businessman who has been diagnosed with ANOTHER disease — lung cancer.

Now speaking of returns I can’t wait to see, when the heck is Scrubs coming back?

Amazing Race: Family Edition HorribleWhen I know in my heart that something is just not right, it always makes me feel better to know that I am not alone.  That is why I must thank Entertainment Weekly for finally validating what I had been feeling for weeks now - The Amazing Race: Family Edition absolutely sucks!  You must understand how painful it is for me to vocalize this because I have been a huge supporter of this show from practically day one.  This was my version of Must See TV.  Back in the show’s fledgling days, I was convinced that if I could just make one more person watch (even if they didn’t have a meter) that I could save this show from cancellation.  Now I’m simply embarrassed to admit to all those I converted that I can barely stand to watch my own show anymore. Read on for an explanation, after the jump.

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Simple Life Cancelled

SHOCKING NEWS! Running out of ideas as to how to save the show, the producers of The Simple Life finally resorted to Plan D:  Cancel the show altogether. It’s no secret that the producers were struggling to make this show work.  Why it took them this long to finally throw in the towel is the $1,000,000 question.  I mean, why did they honestly believe they could develop a show around two leads (a.k.a Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie) who can’t stand one and other?  But - of course - the dueling mistresses are not why the network canceled the show.  Fox claims that the show just didn’t have a ‘place’ in their fall schedule. Whateva. Now let’s just see how the Sophia Bush/Chad Michael Murray relationship on ‘One Tree Hill’ works out.

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Tony Perkins Leaves GMAAfter seven years of ungodly hours, endless hurricane coverage and forced banter with fans on the streets of New York, weatherman Tony Perkins has decided to leave his post at Good Morning America.  Tired of the commute, Perkins decided it was finally time to live full-time with his family again in Washington, DC.  His last day on ABC will be December 2nd, just after November sweeps. GMA co-anchor Robin Roberts said Tony Perkins’ departure was no surprise. “At a breakfast with co-anchors Charlie Gibson, Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts about a month ago, ‘he said he had a lot of decisions to make,’ Roberts stated. ‘He never said he was looking, but we all knew how much he missed his family. He had a lot on his mind. It was like a quiet conspiracy, out of respect for him, to wait and see how it would play out.’”