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Jennifer Lopez Cancels on Project Runway Judging

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Jennifer LopezAs they say, the show must go on.

The producers of Project Runway had planned to introduce another surprise judge for this season’s upcoming. And thanks to an interesting twist of fate, they now will.

As rumored, fashionista had been scheduled to play guest judge for the show’s Fashion Week finale. (Her appearance would have followed the job done by Victoria Beckham in Season 4.) Unfortunately, a last-minute foot injury forced the style icon to bow out of today’s taping.

It’s not known whether the injury was somehow related to Lopez’ current triathlon training. It also wasn’t made clear why Jennifer couldn’t still judge while sitting down.

Fortunately for the producers, they didn’t have to go far to find a knowledgeable replacement. For the first time in five installments, mentor will be given his chance to have a say in the final selection.

Now, really—wasn’t this the way it should have been anyway?

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Project Runway Goes LA

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DescriptionApparently supermodels really like a good change.

First, Tyra Banks decided to move her daytime talk fest from Los Angeles to New York.  Now, is scheduled to do the exact opposite.  Though in the latter case, the switch will not be permanent.

According to Entertainment Weekly, ‘s sixth outing will be split between NYC and LA.  This city-hopping move will apparently accommodate Klum’s personal and work schedules much better (but make everyone else’s a living hell).  The following year, things will return back to normal in New York.

As for the reality hit’s fifth season - the last one on - that too will still be set in the Big Apple.  That installment can be seen starting this July.

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Project Runway Spinoff Coming to Lifetime Too

Project Runway Spinoff

Ever wish you could know more about the designer’s models on ? Lifetime thinks you do. USA Today reports that is planning to pair its newly acquired Project Runway with a half-hour spin-off called which will focus on them as people, not just living clothes hangers. (The model paired up with the winning designer on Project Runway also wins a modeling contract and a spread in Elle magazine.)

Project Runway is expected to move over to the top-rated women’s cable network, Lifetime, in November. will air its fifth and probably final Project Runway season in July, though the move is being contested in court by Bravo parent company . Project Runway has been Bravo’s top hit.

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Project Runway’s Nina Garcia Out of One Job

Nina GarciaJust last week, we reported that Project Runway was making a big move from its old home at Bravo to Lifetime.  This week, we’re learning that one of the show’s judges may be out of a job.  At least the one she does off-camera.

Women’s Wear Daily has reported that , “fashion director at Elle”, is no longer working for the magazine her name’s been associated with.  This move comes not-so-coincidentally after a new creative director was brought on board.

What this currently means for Garcia’s future with the hit reality show is unknown.  Neither she or have yet committed to the series’ next installment.

Be looking for Project Runway‘s fifth season to hit the catwalk this



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Project Runway Leaves Bravo

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DescriptionI guess we won’t be tuning into Bravo to ‘watch what happens’ on anymore.

While everyone has been busy wondering whether Scrubs would jump ship to ABC, another big deal was being brokered over in cable-land.  Come this fall, we will have to program in a new channel on our DVRs: the Lifetime channel.

In a surprise move, The Weinstein Co. has made a five-year deal with the female-oriented network to start airing the hit reality show come this November.  Needless to say, (Bravo’s parent company) is not pleased with this decision.  The company has filed suit in a desperate attempt to keep their ratings cash cow in place.

The program about fashion designers - hosted by - will be heading into its sixth season at the end of this year.

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Amy Poehler’s Fierce Impression of Christian Siriano

In case you didn’t catch this past weekend, here was the best part of what was yet another unevenly funny program.

In addition to Amy Poehler’s imitation of Project Runway winner , we get cameos from ‘Tim Gunn’ and ‘Heidi Klum’.

(UPDATE:  Real-life Christian apparently enjoyed the skit as well.)

Project Runway Season 4 Reunion: Christian Named Fan Favorite

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Project Runway 9, ChristianApparently it pays to remind people over and over that ‘you’re fierce and kind of a big deal’. That strategy netted contestant a cool $10,000. Siriano was voted this season’s “Fan Favorite” by a landslide. The results were unveiled during tonight’s Project Runway: Season 4 reunion show.

This season of the show featured some incredibly talented and professional designers. While it didn’t have the same sexy mix of volatile characters (see Wendy Pepper in season 1 or Santino Rice in season 2), the clothes themselves were fascinating as was watching the process that these talented designers used to come up with them. Not surprisingly, some of the designers have become role models for young children and even favorites of celebrities. Kit talked about how young girls are emailing her scans of their designs to ask for advice. She says she loves being a positive influence. Lovable kook Elisa also said she loves the message she seems to be sending young girls that it is okay to be different. Sweet P, who was eliminated in the last episode, said she’s heard from celebrities like and Catherine Keener that she was their favorite on the show.

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This Week on TV (11/12-11/18)

Project Runway


MONDAY (11/12)
  • Prison Break (FOX, 8pm):  ‘Lechero reveals a secret buried beneath Sona.’  He’s been linked to the hatch this whole time. (NOTE:  This will be the last new Prison episode until Jan. 14th.)
  • Heroes (NBC, 9pm):  ‘The calendar turns back four months.’  Does this mean the writers still have a chance to redo this whole season?
  • (CBS, 9pm):  ‘Charlie finds success as a children’s singing star.’  He becomes The Wiggles’ new green-shirted guy.
  • (ABC, 10pm):  This is their opportunity to make up for any embarrassing moments they didn’t have a chance to create.

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‘Project Runway’ Premiere Date

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Project RunwayAfter months of waiting, Bravo has officially announced the premiere date for .  The 4th season will begin November 14th

Why they strangely chose a start date so close to the holidays is unfortunately not mentioned on their website.  Nevertheless, I’m just grateful it’s finally returning.  (Can you believe it’s been over a year since the last season premiered?)

And don’t panic.  Despite rumors he might not return, will be around to critique the new designers (along with , Michael Kors and Nina Garcia).

To see complete bios on all the contenders, click on the link below:

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Project Runway 4 Coming in Late 2007

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Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum If you were hoping to add Project Runway 4 to your must-see list this summer, you’re going to have to wait a bit. Bravo announced that the latest season will not air until late 2007, despite the excellent ratings from last summer’s edition. Never fear, though… Bravo will be offering up plenty of summertime reality fare, including a third season of Top Chef, Hey Paula! and the third season of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List. No firm date on when Project Runway 4 will air, but Bravo’s press release stated that “only three finalists… face-off.. at New York Fashion Week.” This is a departure from the four finalists in the previous season. But the good news is that Tim Gunn will return for the fourth season, as well as fashion designer Michael Kors, ELLE Magazine fashion director Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum.

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