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McCain Also Caught Talking About Lipstick on Pigs

Barack ObamaHaven’t heard the latest controversy about pigs wearing lipstick? Well, then you haven’t been watching the news.

Today, is being fired upon from John McCain’s camp about comments he made during a speech yesterday. When talking about his opponent’s plan for change, the Democratic candidate chose to use this colorful analogy: “You can put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.”

And while that phrase has been used many times before, McCain supporters felt Barack’s “sexist” comment was aimed directly toward (the “Pitbull with Lipstick”). Unfortunately, the Republicans also failed to realize that their own candidate had used that same analogy about a certain female contender last year.

In today’s episode of The View, the ladies of the table talked about the two different soundbites. (You can watch both of them here.) If you listen closely, you might also hear Elisabeth Hasselbeck defend Barack Obama…


Did Sarah Palin Save the GOP?

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Governor Sarah Palin

You probably never heard of her before, but after this past week it’s going to be hard to forget ’s name and face. The highly unknown governor dropped jaws when she stood beside John McCain at the Republican National Convention merely days ago, and in one lightning flash went from “who’s that?” to “potential Vice President.” Ah, politics.

Palin has created a brand-new buzz for the GOP that has suddenly thrust the Republican national ticket into the limelight - and into the realm of real possibility - once more. Maybe you can’t trust the media hype or the sudden sensation she’s created, but you can trust the ratings.

On its second night of coverage, the Republican National Convention drew in a staggering 21.5 million viewers. The numbers are huge, sure, but still not as big as the 26 million the Democratic Convention drew just the week before. And now, both conventions are over….and which one is everyone talking about?

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Wednesday Ratings: ANTM Hits New Low

Unfortunately for CW, good luck did not come in threes.  Despite impressive debuts for Gossip Girl and 90210, the 11th cycle of America’s Next Top Model failed to impress. (In the show’s defense, it was pitted against stiff competition.) ANTM‘s performance gave FOX the chance to take over in the viewers and the demos.

Jay Manuel in America's Next Top Model8pm

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Jon Stewart Rips Apart the Palin Arguments

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Before Sarah Palin supporters start attacking the “leftist” media again, they might want to check out this hilarious segment from last night’s episode of .