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American Idol 8: Music in Kansas City

Idol‘s auditions continued in the Midwest, as the search for this year’s undiscovered singer raged on throughout the country. Season 7 winner David Cook paid a visit to the thousands who auditioned in his hometown, Kansas City, Missouri. Despite some confusion, it is indeed in Missouri. Another alum was also on hand, but not to whip the crowd into a frenzy. Last year’s fourth-place finisher was at the auditions with his brother. More on that development later.

Kansas City auditions began with Chelsea Marquardt, very blonde and very cute. Her voice was unfortunately very flat also. gave it to her straight, saying “you are not a very good singer.” That’s the breaks.

Ashley Anderson, as tall and willowy as a model, was a very good singer. Her beautiful vocals and perfect tone won over the entire panel and she skipped out the door with golden ticket in hand. Just like that, and Idol was off and running in KC.

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Idol Divas Talk Tour

American IdolThe five females who managed to snag coveted Top 10 spots on the seventh season of recently talked with reporters about the aftermath of the show and the beginning of the summer tour.

The tour kicked off in Arizona, the first of 49 cities which will soon welcome the group of crooners. Diminutive feels positive about the tour, saying there will be “no one to say you sang horrible.”

“It’s not about what a judge is going to say. It’s about the music and the fans connecting and having a great time,” offered .

Carly Smithson also felt cheerful, saying “it’s amazing. Nobody is going to judge us after we sing.” Third-place finalist Syesha Mercado likened the tour to “a mini-concert for each person.”

“We sing three songs each,” Brooke White said of herself and her fellow females, “David Cook five, Archuleta will sing four. I think a lot of people had the impression it was going to be a bunch of group numbers, but it’s not. We actually are going out as individual performers and do our own set, our own music.”

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Idols Hit the Road


gives its contestants a grueling schedule during the weeks of shooting live performances, Ford video commercials and sessions with mentors. The show may be over - the hard work is not.

Even while the Idols sing a path across the U.S. (they’ll visit 49 cities in 72 days), some of the finalists will be pulling double duty and making records at the same time. Davids Cook and Archuleta, the season’s final two men standing, will both be working on tracks even as they woo audiences.

Thanks to a new deal with 19 Recordings and Arista Nashville, (who managed to astound judges and audiences with her unimagined longevity in the contest) will also be working on her debut album. The first single “15 Minutes of Shame,” is scheduled for an August 11 release. Cook was formerly signed to this same label years before, but never had the chance to record a single song.

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David Cook Tackles the National Anthem

Despite weekly performances - and a revealing Guitar Hero commercial - nothing could apparently prepare David Cook for the challenge he tackled last night.

Idol‘s Season 7 champion said singing the national anthem before yesterday’s NBA game made him far more uneasy than any of his competition numbers.

“It’s the one song you don’t want to mess up. I’m going to try not to notice Jack Nicholson sitting in the front row and think about the lyrics.”

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A Week in the the Life: David Cook

David Cook

He won national media attention, the love of thousands of new fans and the highly-coveted title of season seven’s . What could possibly beat any of these huge life achievements? David Cook’s Billboard results, that’s what.

Eleven songs hit the Billboard Hot 100 song chart this week - the most new tunes from any performer in the fifty year span the list has existed. “The Time of My Life,” which Cook crooned at the Idol finale, is Cook’s biggest hit of the week. The tune debuted on the chart in the number 3 position. Other Cook tunes listed include his rendition of “Dream Big” (15) and “I’m Alive” (99). He may not be at number one, but he certainly isn’t doing too bad, either. 

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David Cook Going Off the Singles’ Market?

David CookSeventh season winner David Cook won hearts with his edgy look and sound, gaining notice early for his self confidence and unique stylings. But this single guy may not stay that way for much longer.

Last week, enjoyed a dinner date with second Idol season competitor Kimberly Caldwell (eliminated in seventh place). Don’t remember the name? You might also recognize Kim as the bubbly blonde who hosts on the TV Guide channel, notably the show Idol Tonight (a series dedicated to breaking down Idol performances and interviewing contestants). Cook recently told Regis and Kelly that “we’ll probably hang out again.” (You can see video of the two of them together after the jump.)

Don’t worry ladies, one date does not a committed guy make. You might still have a chance.

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David Cook and David Archuleta’s iTunes Success

David Archuleta and David Cook

Even though ended officially wrapped up four days ago, there are many fans still caught up in the show’s fever. Apparently this week’s constant coverage has not yet tired a good number of David worshippers.

As of right now, iTunes users have given winner David Cook four spots on the site’s Top 10. His performance of ‘The Time of My Life’ (from the finale) is currently perched at #1. Meanwhile, his recent covers of “Dream Big”, “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” and “The World I Know” are all taking space at the top of the pack.

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American Idol: Final 2 Thoughts

David Cook

The seventh season of is over, the winner crowned, the competition decided. So what’s next for Idol‘s two famous sons, David Cook and David Archuleta?

recently told reporters his debut album will “probably be a rock record,” an album that will “make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.” Cook hopes to get the album out as soon as possible, and currently plans to use some of his own songwriting for tracks.

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American Idol: Season Seven Winner Announced

David Cook and David Archuleta

The seventh season of culminated last night in a spectacular, two-hour grand finale event. The fans, the fanfare, the Davids - it was a truly great show.

The men of the hours, Davids Archuleta and Cook, appeared in white for the opening sequence. announced that the winner of the contest secured 56% of the vote. More than 96 million votes were logged, a record-breaking number, but of course voters had four hours after Tuesday’s performance (instead of the usual two) to make their wishes known.

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David Cook and David Archuleta’s Guitar Hero Commercials

In case you didn’t see them last night, check out the finalists tapping into their inner Guitar Hero.

While I’m admittedly in the David Cook camp, the David Archuleta commercial felt quite awkward and wrong. Is it just me, or does his couch moment look like a bratty kid who just came in second?

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