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Big Brother Teases About Surprises

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Big BrotherAny running reality show has to give a little something extra to the viewers each season—the “twist,” as it were. Big Brother producers are assuring viewers that the eighth season will offer “something die-hard fans will love,” according to exec producer Alison Grodner. Apparently, there is going to be a play-at-home feature of the show that will give viewers “the opportunity to participate even more than they have in the past.” There are no details yet about what the interactive element of the show will be, but viewers won’t have to wait long to find out. Big Brother 8 begins on July 5th at 8:00 and will air three times each week—which, if you ask me, is wayyy too much. Of course, if that isn’t enough for crazed fans, don’t forget there will also be Big Brother: After Dark, that airs the goings-on in the house from 12 a.m. to 3 a.m. on Showtime Too. And, as always, there is the 24/7 live Internet coverage. But wait, there’s more! Viewers will be able to have some impact on the house via text messaging. Anyone else exhausted?

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Big Brother Debuts July 5

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Julie Chen OK, normally I’d be frothing at the mouth for the next season of Big Brother to begin, but this year I’m feeling lukewarm about it. Maybe it’s because of the rather bland ‘All-Stars’ edition last year… maybe it’s because I’ve (shudder) gotten too old for it? Mostly, I think it’s because of the rigorous three-nights-per-week that occupy way too much of my summer! However, with the promise of a new season comes the promise of a new twist. This go-around, there hasn’t been much mention of what will happen in the house to change up the game, but viewers will have some uncensored access to the goings-on after dark. Dubbed “Big Brother: After Dark,” fans can access Showtime’s “Shotoo” live feed from midnight to 3 a.m. EST (so it’s actually the house happenings from 9 to midnight). This uncensored look has the potential for lots of racy stuff, including nudity, so I guess that should grab some viewers. Sounds like a lot of extra time wasted to me! Look for the eighth season of Big Brother, beginning July 5th, airing Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights. 24/7 feeds are also available on RealNetworks and SuperPass, plus “House Calls” and mobile phone content from CBS. Basically, Big Brother overload!

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