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American Idol 9: Michael Lynche Talks Elimination

Michael Lynche, who became American Idol’s latest casualty on Wednesday night, won’t have too much time to feel disappointed that he didn’t win the reality competition. He’s got a baby he’s barely seen, a tour coming up in the summer…and potentially, an album full of love songs in his future.

“I love love songs,” he explained during his exit interview. “That’s what really speaks to my soul, when someone is in love and it’s just raw and honest.” Big Mike knows something about love - he won over the hearts of America during his long Idol run. “I think I was consistent every week and always gave my heart every time I sang.”

Michael Lynche hopes to do an album in the near future, and doesn’t begrudge his fourth-place finish. “It’s not a bad place to be where I am,” he said.

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American Idol 9: Top 4 Results

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kicked off the Top 4 results show by announcing the season’s highest vote tally, which was counted Tuesday night: nearly 37 million. The evening’s line-up offered Season 5 contender Chris Daughtry, rocker Bon Jovi and Season 3 winner Fantasia…not to mention, the shattered dreams of one Idol hopeful.

began the night with “Bittersweet.” The wardrobe was horrible, but the performance was pretty good. The VH1 diva still has a strong set of pipes. Fantasia’s new album - the first in three years - will be out this summer. She says the album will offer a lot of “soul” tunes, which should delight Fantasia fans.

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American Idol 9: Top 4 Perform

The theme of American Idol 9’s Top 4 night was movie music, a sweeping genre encompassing many wonderful tunes. returned to Idol as the week’s mentor. He found the theme to be “a big task,” for the contestants. Foxx gave the four remaining singers T-shirts, one marked “Artist” and one marked “Contestant.”

“America wants to see the artist,” he explained to .

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American Idol Wants Your Opinion

American Idol logo

Do you like as a judge? Do you think the judges’ save is a nifty device for the show? Do you want the opportunity to sound off on what you like and dislike about American Idol? Well, now you’ve got a chance to do so…and the powers-that-be behind the series are listening.

American Idol has released an asking viewers to detail their opinion on the show. The survey asks about the current season of the show (9), and asks about your reasons for watching. Simon Cowell, Ellen DeGeneres, Randy Jackson, Kara DioGuardi and Ryan Seacrest are all listed as reasons for watching. You have the ability to vote on the strength of your enjoyment from each one.

Certain aspects of Idol, such as musical themes, mentors, voting and the judges’ save also listed on the survey. You have the opportunity to vote on your level of entertainment derived from each. The survey contains many questions regarding guest judges as well, asking to you rate your enjoyment of each one who appeared on this season.

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American Idol’s Aaron Kelly Talks Elimination

“I know that I had a lot of people wanting me to change it up a lot. But if I changed it up a lot, it would mean changing me.” , 17, faced the press bravely on the heels of his elimination from American Idol 9. During his time on the show, Kelly was known for crooning sweetly and perfectly on-point, displaying what would be dazzling vocals for anyone at any age.

But he also remained wooden on stage and only once deviated from his formula of singing softly and sincerely to the crowd, picking up the pace and making an attempt to move around on the stage for only one of the numbers he performed. Aaron Kelly explained that he thinks of himself “as a country artist,” so his song selection was all about “songs that I could make sound a little country.” If only he’d thrown in a little rock n roll, he might have made it to the Top 4.

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Lady Not Gaga About American Idol Editing

is raging on Twitter about her American Idol performance (though not for the same reasons I raged about it). According to the songstress, “FOX POORLY + AMATEURLY edited+cut my performance/musical arrangement on Idol.” And thank goodness. The interminable number lasted for a horrifying 5 minutes on Wednesday’s Top 5 results show - the actual performance was 6.5 minutes long!

Wanna see the entire performance (not recommended)? Watch the video above - if you dare.

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American Idol 9: Top 5 Results

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The Top 5 American Idols kicked off results night with a medley of tunes. The four competing men came out to sing “The Lady is a Tramp.” Crystal Bowersox, sole female remaining in the competition, then appeared to croon the song. I believe it was a bit of a bad choice, that song. Aaron Kelly, of course, sang a few bars from “When I Was Seventeen” as the number progressed. “Night and Day” and “Under My Skin” were also featured.

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American Idol 9: Top 5 Perform

American Idol 9’s Tuesday performance episode was opened by Ryan Seacrest and That’s right, folks - it’s Sinatra night. Connick, Jr. is perhaps best known for his hit “It Had To Be You.” Sinatra was best known for his baby blues and his velvety voice. He was, arguably, the greatest singer of standards, and he is certainly a legend.

Unlike most Idol mentors, Harry Connick, Jr. brought his own band members and worked on the arrangements of the contestants’ songs. He performed with them all, playing piano on the stage for all five songs.

Before the singing began, ’s daughters gave Simon Cowell one of Sinatra’s monogrammed handkerchiefs, an item which is now amazingly valuable. The Sinatra connection, the Cowell connection, the American Idol tie-in…eBay would be thrown into a frenzy over such an item.

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American Idol 9: Chris Daughtry, Bon Jovi Perform This Week

American Idol alum will appear once again on the big stage for this week’s results show, which airs on Wednesday. Daughtry was the surprising fourth-place finisher on Season 5, behind Elliott Yamin, Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks (unbelievably).

will also be on hand to perform, but sources are unsure whether or not the band ties into the theme. Considering the two bookings, it seems clear that this week will be all about rock n roll.

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American Idol 9: Siobhan Magnus will Keep on Screaming

“I hope to create a sound that is my own,” said of her future plans, on the heels of her American Idol 9 elimination. “I love every kind of music that moves me.” Siobhan was best-known for the sustained high notes she hit while singing on the Idol stage. Her unique sound and eccentric look immediately set her apart from the other contestants. She was, as Simon put it, “a funny little thing.”

Before she goes out on tour with the other Top 10 Idols, Magnus plans to spend some time with her friends back home. “I can’t wait to see everybody. I’m sure we’ll have a big family dinner. Family dinner, for us, means at least thirty people sitting down together.” Yowzah.

Siobhan maintained a positive attitude after her elimination, telling fans “not to worry.” “This is the end of one thing and the beginning of a new thing. I have so many big ideas.”

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