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Now this episode of ANTM started off a bit creepy.  We had the unfortunately opportunity to listen in on a sexually-tinged phone conversation between Natasha and her husband.  While we can all speculate as to whether she was an actual mail-order bride, knowing that she was only 18 when she married the 40-year-old is quite unsettling…especially since she didn’t speak any English at the time.  But who am I to judge?  Natasha told her husband that she was having a hard time at the house because she hadn’t bonded with any of the other girls yet.  I’m so confused…I thought Jaslene was the friend-less model?  Or was that Renee?  Meanwhile, Diana and Whitney continued to bond over their plus-sized figures.  As a woman who definitely yearns to see more ‘normal’ sized models out there—I really do appreciate those two contestants.  But I do sometimes have to wonder if they have anything else to talk about aside from their weight.

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DescriptionAfter saying goodbye to Cassandra, the girls recouped.  Diana dealt with being on the brink of elimination.  Jael, still trying to distract herself from her friends death, let Felicia teach her a dance.  Meanwhile, Renee struggled to understand why all the girls hated her.  She honestly believed the girls were ‘looking for ways to be offended by her’.  Who says models are clueless?  Surprisingly, Renee then made a rapid about-face and pledged to stop being mean.

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Tyra The girls settle back at home after Samantha’s elimination.  Diana and Whitney bond over being the only two plus-sized girls around.  It’s a unique struggle having to worry about all the ‘sample-sizes’ that are available at the photo shoots.  Meanwhile, Jaslene finally seems to have found a sympathetic ear in good-natured Cassandra. 

The girls later receive some Tyra mail alerting them to another ‘cut’ the next day.  Followers of ANTM know what that means:  Model Makeover!!  As we have learned from previous seasons, this can unfortunately be a hit or miss day.  While the average woman would relish the opportunity to have an expert redo them, (aspiring) models are a rare breed.  Some girls always think they know better.  But of course as we all know, if they


know better…they’d already be models.  Right?

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Top Model

The girls return to their pad after the elimination of Clueless Kathleen.  Yes, she wasn’t exactly the brightest bulb in the bunch…but am I the only one who thought she was at least honest??  Bolstered by her winning photo, Jaslene calls home feeling confident about her chances.  Meanwhile Samantha, the young country girl, is having a hard time adjusting to the all crazy ladies around her.

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Ugly Betty  The CW let America’s Next Top Model kick off the new network last week—now they’re hoping you’ll stick around to see the other premieres they have to offer.  Also up, the much-hyped debut of Ugly Betty.  Will the stellar reviews have any effect on last season’s best comedy,The Office?

Heroes (9pm on NBC)
7th Heaven (8pm on CW)
Runaway (9pm on CW)

Gilmore Girls (8pm on CW)

One Tree Hill (9pm on CW)

Ugly Betty (8pm on ABC)
Smallville (8pm on CW)
Supernatural (9pm on CW)

Degrassi (9pm EST on The N)

Saturday Night Live (11:30pm on NBC)

SUNDAY (10/1)
Everybody Hates Chris (7pm on CW)
All of Us (7:30pm on CW)
Girlfriends (8pm on CW)
The Game (8:30pm on CW)

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Will & Grace cast OK, so here’s a curious study—finding that the number of homosexual characters on television has decreased for the 2006-2007 season. Only nine homosexual characters will be on network-TV series, down from 10 last year. This information was released from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. Interesting, I suppose, since the study looked at 679 series lead or supporting characters in the new season, and only about 1.3 percent are gay, lesbian or bisexual. GLAAD looked at the 95 new prime-time comedies and dramas from six major networks. While shows like Ellen and Will & Grace paved the way for more diverse roles, the numbers are still relatively low when looking at the total number of characters that the study analyzed. The characters were identified on the following shows: Help Me Help You (ABC), The Class (CBS), Brothers & Sisters (ABC), Fashion House” (MyNetworkTV), and Hidden Palms on the CW network. Returning shows include Desperate Housewives (ABC), The Office (NBC), and ER (NBC). Recurring gay, lesbian or bisexual characters are also in the series Ugly Betty, Big Day, The Simpsons, The War at Home and Grey’s Anatomy. GLAAD president Neil Giuliano commented on the study, saying, “It’s clear that the broadcast networks have a long way to go before they accurately reflect the diversity of their audience and our society.”

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Everybody Hates Chris Let’s hope that “Seinfeld Curse” doesn’t follow Jason Alexander when he joins the cast of Everybody Hates Chris. Alexander will play the principal of Corleone Junior High on two episodes of the show and will direct a third episode of the series. Everybody Hates Chris continues to be a critical darling, telling the story of comedian Chris Rock’s childhood in Brooklyn. The show will premiere on October 1st on the CW network. As for the plotlines of the episodes that Alexander will be in—one ep will feature his character, Principal Edwards, making Chris confront a bully; the other episode has Chris and the principal bonding during a snowstorm.

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Pussycat DollsI couldn’t stand that Pussycat Dolls song—“Don’t Cha” (...wish your girlfriend was hot like me)—then it showed up on a beer commercial. And now, with the upcoming talent show that’s looking to recruit a new “Doll,” I can only imagine the promos for the show will have me humming the tune again.

The CW network ordered eight episodes of the talent competition The Search for the Next Pussycat Doll. The winner will get to be part of the girl group. Think Rock Star, only sexier. Dawn Ostroff, CW’s president of entertainment says, “At its core, this show goes beyond just finding a new Pussycat Doll; it’s about female empowerment, self-discovery and personal transformation.” Um, right. I’m sure that’s what all of the guys tuning in to watch are thinking about—empowerment and self-discovery. The show comes to you by Charlie’s Angels director McG and America’s Next Top Model producer Ken Mok, as well as Interscope’s Jimmy Iovine. Says McG, “I’m most interested in the personal drama, about the [candidates] leaving their relationships or trust issues with their parents. It’s all about the real-life stuff that lies within.” Am I the only one who finds that laughable?

The girls will live together (naturally, for the personal drama) and perform weekly challenges—whittling down the talent until one kitty cat remains.

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Everybody Hates ChrisThis Fall, Whoopi Goldberg will be guest-starring on two episodes of the UPN (or CW by then) Chris Rock comedy Everybody Hates Chris.  Word is that she will play a new neighbor of Chris’ (Tyler James Williams) family, and that Chris will fall for her granddaughter.

This could be very good for the show.  I hope her name gets a few more people to tune in, because while Chris has been well-received by critics, its ratings were only okay.  To make matters worse, it’s going to be buried at the 7 pm Sunday time slot on the CW’s Fall schedule.  It is unclear as of yet which two episodes Goldberg will star in, but the show’s season premiere will be on October 1.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer On Sunday, September 17th, the WB’s last broadcast day before it merges with UPN to become the CW, the network will go out in style by airing the pilots of several of its most successful and well-loved series.

The WB airs programming from 5-10 p.m. on Sundays, and it will spend all of that evening taking viewers on a trip down memory lane.  First off at 5, will be the pilot of Felicity. Angel‘s pilot comes on at 6, followed by the two-hour pilot episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer at 7.  Finally, at 9, the network will show the pilot of the series most associated with its initial success, Dawson’s Creek.  It should also be noted that shows that are WB classics that will air on the CW, like Smallville and Gilmore Girls, will not be airing that night, which makes sense to me since they’re not things of the past just yet.

UPN has not yet stated how, if at all, it will sign off on its last broadcast night the previous Friday, but I’m sure people are just dying to see the pilot of Eve just one more time.  Not that airing the Veronica Mars pilot would be such a bad idea, even though it’s moving over to the new network.

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