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Everybody Hates Chris Let’s hope that “Seinfeld Curse” doesn’t follow Jason Alexander when he joins the cast of Everybody Hates Chris. Alexander will play the principal of Corleone Junior High on two episodes of the show and will direct a third episode of the series. Everybody Hates Chris continues to be a critical darling, telling the story of comedian Chris Rock’s childhood in Brooklyn. The show will premiere on October 1st on the CW network. As for the plotlines of the episodes that Alexander will be in—one ep will feature his character, Principal Edwards, making Chris confront a bully; the other episode has Chris and the principal bonding during a snowstorm.

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Everybody Hates ChrisThis Fall, Whoopi Goldberg will be guest-starring on two episodes of the UPN (or CW by then) Chris Rock comedy Everybody Hates Chris.  Word is that she will play a new neighbor of Chris’ (Tyler James Williams) family, and that Chris will fall for her granddaughter.

This could be very good for the show.  I hope her name gets a few more people to tune in, because while Chris has been well-received by critics, its ratings were only okay.  To make matters worse, it’s going to be buried at the 7 pm Sunday time slot on the CW’s Fall schedule.  It is unclear as of yet which two episodes Goldberg will star in, but the show’s season premiere will be on October 1.

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Everybody Hates ChrisThis year’s Emmy nominations will be announced July 6 and perhaps new nominating guidelines will make 2006 the “year of the underdog”.

Last year showed some progress, with nominations gained by new hits such as Lost, Desperate Housewives and the recently-cancelled, cult-hit Arrested Development (which won seven awards last year).

Apparently some rules have been instated this year that will give newer shows (and shows from less popular networks, such as UPN, FX, and the WB) an even better chance at getting an award. The new system will allow members of the Academy to choose ten to fifteen finalists (depending on category), later cut to five main nominees by a panel of judges.

A few of this year’s hopefuls include The Office (NBC), My Name is Earl (NBC), Rescue Me (FX), Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), Gilmore Girls (WB), Battlestar Galactica (SciFi), Everybody Hates Chris (UPN), and Entourage (HBO).

Of course, some regular faces will be sure to make appearance on the list such as members of The West Wing and The Sopranos. (Thank goodness Fraiser is off the air, although Will & Grace may return for one last year of nominations, despite the end of the series a few months ago).

The awards will air on August 27.

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Everybody Hates ChrisPoor Chris.  He’s far too young to be workin’ for the weekend.  When other kids should be waking up on Saturday mornings and enjoying their cartoons, he is too busy soaking up every ounce of missed sleep he can get.  Going across town to attend the white school his mother prefers means getting about 10 hours less sleep than every other kid. Ironic.  I thought riding public transportation gave you the opportunity to get more sleep.

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