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Donald TrumpOuch. As if a prison sentence and a cancelled show weren’t bad enough, Martha Stewart now has to deal with Donald Trump’s wrath. Apparently, the business tycoon didn’t like when Martha attributed the failure of her show, The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, to its airing too close to the Trump mega-hit The Apprentice.

Donald Trump erupted in fury at Martha Stewart Tuesday for her polite suggestion in a weekend interview with Newsweek that her version of Trump’s hit show The Apprentice failed because it aired too close to his.

Stewart also said that she was asked to help get rid of Trump by firing him on air.

That was too much for “The Donald,” whose specialty is doing just that—firing people on air.

In an open letter to Stewart, Trump declared, “It’s about time you started taking responsibility for your failed version of The Apprentice. Your performance was terrible…the show lacked mood, temperament, and just about everything else a show needs for success. I knew it would fail as soon as I first saw it.”

Ms. Stewart was not amused.

In a statement, she declared, “The letter is so mean-spirited and reckless that I almost can’t believe my longtime friend Donald Trump wrote it. I am very proud of the work we did.”

Why do you think Martha’s show failed? Was Donald was too harsh in his criticism?

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Martha Apprentice CancelledAlthough I personally was not a fan of The Apprentice: Martha (I couldn’t stop laughing at those goodbye letter scenes), I’ve always wondered what it was about craft-based reality shows that viewers didn’t like.  I would admit that I was a fan of both Wickedly Perfect and Tommy Hilfiger’s The Cut—but I’m apparently the only one willing to do so.  Though both shows featured contests not too dissimilar from the Donald-version of The Apprentice, both shows tanked in the ratings (judging by their ever-changing time slots).

Well, they say bad things come in threes.. so Martha:  Tag, You’re It!  Your show will officially be considered deceased after the finale on Dec. 21.  Although those NBC reps claim your show was never meant to go past one season, we all know better.  Home confined or not, there’s no way you would ever sign yourself up for something you didn’t think you would succeed at.  So goodbye, Martha.  Good luck and travel safely…

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