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Tuesday June 5, 2007 8:38 pm

Paris Hilton is a Prisoner

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Paris Hilton It’s official: has now spent her first full day behind bars. The heiress was sentenced to jail time because of probation violations, though her original 45-day sentence was scaled back to 23 days in the slammer. Paris Hilton’s attorney, Richard A. Hutton, says the heiress is “doing well” in spite of her current incarceration.  He also went on to say that Hilton will use her jail time as a period of reflection to see how she can make the world better. If Paris really wanted to make the world better, she could make herself a positive role model for the young girls who worship her, and keep herself out of both jail and trouble…and skeezy outfits. Paris, accompanied by sister Nicky and mom Kathy, was taken to Men’s Central Jail in downtown L.A. at 11:15 pm in an attempt to foil the press and paparazzi who were just hoping to get a glimpse of the hotel heiress before she disappeared inside the building. Hilton was transported from the men’s jail sixteen miles to her new cell, where she will make a home for herself for the next three weeks. Sheriff spokesman Steve Whitmore called Hilton “cooperative and focused” and said there will be no further comments on the heiress until after she is released.

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Paris has officially been issued her orange shirt and matching pants, an ensemble that’s a far cry from her usual club-ready couture. The staff has called Hilton “polite and thankful,” which is rather opposite from the persona she displays on The Simple Life, the hit reality show where Hilton co-stars with Nicole Richie. Paris maintains that she is going to try to use this experience in a positive way in her life. Hilton is isolated 23 out of 24 hours of the day while behind bars. During this sole social hour, Paris is allowed to use the phone, take a shower, and perhaps receive some recreation. In order to protect Hilton’s safety, the heiress must be kept isolated and in a cell all alone, a severe punishment for her probation and traffic offenses.


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Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! They will have to keep her in soliterry, or else she will get her butt kicked all over the place. She obviously cant take responsability for hear self. Blamming the publisist was a very, very week excuse. Some times you just have to "man up" LOL!! to your mistakes. Spoiled bratt!

Well I guess it goes to show that the law still really does apply to everyone. Glad to hear it too.

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