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Friday November 15, 2013 3:10 am

Mini Episode Introduces Warrior Doctor Ahead of 50th ‘Dr. Who’

There can never be too many promotional videos/mini episodes/prequels/extra shenanigans/etc. of Doctor Who.

With less than two weeks from the premiere of the special 50th anniversary episode of the sci-fi BBC series, titled "The Day of the Doctor," showrunner Steven Moffat releases a mini episode in order to connect the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) with John Hurt's "Warrior" incarnation.

(Spoilers after the jump - check it out the video above!)

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In the near-7 minute clip titled "Night of the Doctor," McGann's Doctor tries to save a pilot named Cas from going down with her ship in the midst of the Time War. Realizing that he is a Time Lord when she hears the trademark "it's bigger on the inside" introduction for the T.A.R.D.I.S., she backs away from the Doctor and locks herself up in her crashing spaceship, convinced that Time Lords are as bad as the Daleks due to what has happened in the war. Cas stands by her decision to die rather than trust a Time Lord, despite the Doctor's reassurances that he has had no part in the war. As expected, the ship crashes and the Doctor's life hangs in the balance as he ends up on a planet where a bunch of Fate-like women use Cas's death to convince him to join the war. The women give him some kind of elixir that not only catalyzes his regeneration but also allows him? them? to choose how his new self will appear. Thus, the Doctor becomes the Warrior, Hurt's regeneration which was never even given the title of The Doctor and who stars in the upcoming "Day of the Doctor."

Will you #savetheday for November 23 when the Warrior, Ten (David Tennant), and Eleven (Matt Smith) defy space and time to appear in the special episode? Check it out when it airs on BBC America at 2:50pm

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