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Nets a disappointment?The team that has been avoiding some criticism so far in the young NBA season has been the New Jersey Nets.  Most analyst thought they would be atop of the Atlantic division, winning around 45-55 games this season.  Currently they are 9-11, got spanked by the Washington Wizards 94-74 yesterday who didn’t even suit up their best player, Gilbert Arenas.

This early struggle might be a hex put on by Shareef Abdur-Rahim, who was all set to go to New Jersey, but didn’t pass his physical by team doctors.  Rahim seems to be playing well so far averaging 15.6 points, 6.7 rebounds, and a block a game.  While the Nets went on the sign C Marc Jackson shortly after rescinding Abdur-Rahim’s offer, has disappointed.  You may say the hex also could’ve come from their disgusting throwbacks, too.

Another decision that can be second guessed, which actually has been under the radar was last summer’s NBA draft.  The Nets used their #15 pick on Antoine Wright, who so far hasn’t cracked the rotation at all, playing in only 1 garbage time game so far.  I know it’s way too early to over-analyze the pick, but the picks directly after the Nets seem to be paying off better so far.  Toronto at #16 selected Joey Graham, who has played in all 21 games and is coming along at 6.4 points per game.  The Indiana Pacers grabbed Danny Granger at #17, and has played 16 out of the 19 games of a very deep and well-balanced team.  He looks to get more playing time, especially if they deal knuckle-head Ron Artest, who is ahead of him on the depth chart.


Tennis superstar Maria Sharapova has quickly become a fan of the NBA and James, whom she met at the ESPY Awards in July. “We have similar lives and we travel so much,” said Sharapova, who was in town to meet with sponsors and stayed for the game. “He’s funny, a great guy.” So LeBron how’s your tennis game? “Terrible,” he said. “But I’m good at virtual tennis on the X-Box.”

Maria Sharapova  Lebron James Carmelo Anthony Be a gentleman Lebron, no need to kiss and tell.

How touching, young millionaire athletes find a special friendship together.  I think momma James would approve.  She’s pretty cute, good job Lebron!  Just keep your eyes on the court!

Nomar a Yankee?It’s been reported that Yankee’s skipper, Joe Torre,  has placed a phone call to Nomar Garciaparra to let him know that they are interested in him.  Some insider reports have said he’d possibly play 1B.  Strange? Well, not really.  The only thing stopping him from joining the all-star club: Astros would like him in the OF and Indians would like him at 1B/OF.  Even the Blue Jays, Pirates, and Dodgers have expressed some sort of interest as a 3rd Baseman.

I’m guessing the trend started back in Boston during the mid 90’s, Celtic fans bringing back their old Larry Bird jerseys off the shelves,  yearning for the good old days, realizing they haven’t won a title since 1986.  Famous director, Spike Lee was often seen rocking his Earl “the Pearl” Monroe jersey in the front row at Knick games.  This possibly sparked the “street-cred” and the popularity of fans wearing the old-school jerseys. 

While I enjoy fans respecting the games history and giving the ex-greats their due respect, some of these trends have gotten out of hand.  Most of these articles of clothing belong only on ESPN Classic.  The National Baller’s Association has truly taken over.  Come along as I try and answer the question: Throwback or Throwup?

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Giants fans look for hopeWhile most are just glad that they sqeeked a win this week, Giants’ fans were left wondering what kind of team this would be in the playoffs - if they even get there.  With so many mishaps and a record that misrepresents how they’ve been playing lately, it’s no wonder resident guest analyst/disgruntled Giants fan, Frank Santangelo decided to sound off to me.  His concerns after the jump.

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Suns heating it upComing into season, as much I’d hate to admit it, I didn’t think there was a team that could derail the Spurs come playoff time.  Last year’s MVP, Steve Nash, is a leading an Amare-less team to wins.  Phoenix has won the last 9 out of 10 and if last year’s playoff disappointment, Shawn Marion, continues to play his A-game, this team is going to give the west a good run for their money.  Incidentally, the super hot Clippers handed them their first loss in 10 games on Saturday, taking sole position atop of the division.  We should see what the Suns have in store with a healthy roster.

Stan Van Gundy RetiresIn a stunner for Miami, Stan Van Gundy will announce his retirement today at an 11A.M. press conference.  The Heat coach is expected to leave immediately due to ‘family reasons’.  It is not sure who will replace him as of yet, but after stating his involvement in the team’s day-to-day activities, Pat Riley is expected to lead the team for the remainder of the season.  As for the Heat, now they have a key player back in Shaq and possibly a coach that is as tough as nails.  Let’s see if this is enough to turn around their thus far disappointing season.

Duke just finished off Texas today at the Meadowlands, 97-66.  Both teams were coming in at a record 8-0, and were ranked #1 and #2. They were paced by a career high from J.J. Redick with 41 points, on 9-16 from behind the 3 point line, the highest point total by a Duke player since Cleveland Cavalier GM Danny Ferry.


Not today fans, today Redick had the last laugh!
Thought this was supposed to be a close match, guess not.  Duke might just run the table the rest of the year, barring any major injury.

Jake PlummerWe all loved it and we’re sad to see it go.  It’s possible that he does play better without it, but I don’t want to see is Monday Night Football picture if it’s not there.  This is a serious petition I found and I couldn’t stop laughing when I read:

In this topsy-turvy world there are few things all mankind can agree on. The sun is good, killing is bad and Jake Plummer has the most amazing mustache in the history of bewhiskered upper-lips. But, sadly, Plummer shaved said mustache late last week in a move that not only betrays all fashion sense, but also the entire United States of America.
Jake Plummer, please bring the mustache back. We, your countrymen and women, need it. Two hurricanes, rising gas prices and political divisiveness have torn our country apart. With your mustache, maybe we can begin the long process of healing. Without it, Jake, we as a society are doomed.


The Undersigned

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Madden 2006The answer to that is: Not Me.  There are rumors circulating that bulldozer running back, Ladanian Tomlinson, has been offered the cover of Electronic Art’s next NFL game.  If history is to guide him, he should decline. 

The cover in 2001 (Madden 2002) had Eddie George on it in a career worst season, where he finished with 3.ZERO average yards a carry with only 5 TD’s (3.7 yrd/carry and 14 TD’s in 2000).  At least he wasn’t injured - unlike Dante Culpepper who was displayed on the following year.  The Viking’s QB went down early in what could’ve finally been a turnaround season for Minnesota.  Is it a curse? Ask Marshall Faulk who missed 6 games the very next season after coming off a Super Bowl.  Why not ask Michael Vick, who missed the whole season after suffering a knee injury in a pre-season game.  Better yet, all those in Philly know who was on the latest cover, check out the picture shown.  No amount of Chunky soup will bring him back to make the playoffs.  It may not be worth the endorsement if you believe in superstitions.