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Kobe 81 Points GoogleNo matter what you say about him or what you think of him, you can’t take away his 81 points in one game.  Whether you love him or hate him, it is still the second most amazing statistical performance in NBA history.  It may not be a big deal now, but think about the previous generation that has no footage of Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point extravaganza.  All we have is the record books and a few thousand eye witnesses to remember the event.  Thanks to technology, this is a thing of the past.  You can own this piece of history for less than $4, courtesy of Google Video- a better investment than a Laker #81 jersey.

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The Steelers are not going to be playing in Heinz field, therefore coach Bill Cowher considers playing in the Super Bowl a road game.  In the tradition of wearing new pairs of black sneakers for the Playoffs, shaving heads, not shaving facial hair or not changing underwear during a win streak, all things considered it looks like the Steelers are a lock to beat the Seahawks in Super Bowl XL.

Which brings up a question: Why are the Steelers considered the home team anyway?  The game will be held in Detroit, an NFC team stadium.  I know each year they alternate which conference winner is considered the home team, but it makes no sense to me.  Now that Pittsburgh is the home team, Seattle will make the call for heads or tails, this way Jerome Bettis won’t have to go through the blatant referee foul up like the last time he made a call in Detroit on Thanksgiving a couple years back.

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Roberto Clemente award pictureOne opponent to having Roberto Clemente’s number retired by Major League Baseball is Jackie Robinson’s daughter, Sharon Robinson. Another who spoke his mind was a Roberto Clemente contemporary, Frank Robinson.  Major League Baseball already recognizes Roberto with an award given annually to a player who demonstrates the values Clemente displayed in his commitment to community and understanding the value of helping others. 

Both believing if Major League Baseball were to have Clemente’s number retired, it would diminish the meaning of Jackie Robinson’s struggle.  While Clemente did some wonderful things in during his life, Major League Baseball should find another way to honor him.
Sharon Robinson was quoted saying:

“To my understanding, the purpose of retiring my father’s number is that what he did changed all of baseball, not only for African-Americans but also for Latinos, so I think that purpose has been met,”

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IdiotThis morning I woke up to Ron Artest finally being traded from the Indiana Pacers to the Sacramento Kings for Peja Stojakovic.  This trade, which favored both teams in position needs, fell apart after Ron Artest refused to go to Sacramento, leaving the Kings no choice but to reject the tentative agreement.  I hope that this does not go unpunished, and the Pacers never let this guy play another game as a Pacer - immediately suspending him without pay.

Jim Haslett on the sidelinesHaslett is going back to his roots from his days as a linebacker coach for the Raiders and defensive coordinator for the Steelers from ‘97-‘99.  Haslett will be working under rookie coach Scott Linehan, who made a name for himself as the Minnesota Viking offensive coordinator and last season with the Miami Dolphins.  At least now the Rams have a decent in-house candidate if the season were to go bad for the Rams.  Makes you wonder if this will put extra pressure on Linehan knowing that their is a viable candidate right under him in the organization, or perhaps they can put their strategic minds together and make for a successful tandem.

Tom PendersEveryone at some point in their life has wanted to kill the ump.  This is beyond a bad call or even bad moral judgment.  Tom Pender, Houston’s coach, collapsed on the floor Monday night with 52 seconds left in the first half.  Officials thought that he was reacting to a call that had been made as UAB’s Wen Mukubu drove to the basket and was fouled by Oliver Lafayette.  It has been a ritual in the past that coaches have made spectacles of themselves on the hardwood after a whistle.  In those cases a technical foul is given.  So the initial response of the officials was the correct one.

But what happens when the coach in question is 60, has cardiomyopathy, a congenital heart condition, and has a defibrillator implanted in his chest? Pender was carried off in a stretcher, thankfully returning in the second half.  Houston officials attributed what happened to Pender to his heart condition and dehydration.  Knowing this, why didn’t the officials reverse the Technical Foul imposed on him?  I mean, even the meanest boss won’t keep you at work when you’re sick.  Hopefully they will get their reputations smeared all over the media.  You can include me in that group.

Vanderjagt kicking on the David Letterman showMike Vanderjagt, a free agent this off-season is perhaps trying to get back into good graces with the two time MVP QB.  Vanderjagt was quoted comparing Peyton Manning to be the Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods of football.  Vanderjagt probably took some flak from teammates and Colts management by showing up on the David Letterman show last week, kicking field goals in the New York streets.

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Peter King Monday Morning QB logo
Peter King, usually an entertaining read on SI.COM, really irked me when I read his Monday Morning QB article.  One particular section of his weekly article that consistently annoys me is his random thoughts section called ‘Ten Things I Think I Think.’  He just rambles on about various football topics and he doesn’t actually gives ten random thoughts - he gives about sixty.  He numbers them one through ten, but then he makes footnotes lettered A-Z, until he runs out topics that are on his mind.

This is the comment that really grinds my gears:

“11. New York Giants (11-6). Just a hunch, but I bet the Giants would take Ben Roethlisberger, Shawne Merriman and Nate Kaeding instead of Eli Manning right now.”

Ok, sure the Giants would have used the #4 pick on Roethlisberger if they didn’t trade up to take Manning, but the jury is still out on who is going to be the better QB by the time their careers are over.  Manning also has a much higher ceiling than Big Ben does.  Who is to say that the Giants would have used the future draft picks on Nate Kaeding, and Shawne Merriman, maybe they would be off the board by the time it was the Giants turn to pick?  Who is to say that the three of them would succeed in New York, when not a lot of players have the mental toughness to do so?  Maybe Big Ben would have turned into Ryan Leaf he had been drafted by New York, we’ll never know.  There is no need to criticize or second guess this move, especially with Giants fans happy to know they will be a contender with their franchise QB for years to come.

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Kobe Bryant profile picHuge offensive explosions around the NBA yesterday, Ray Allen hits a buzzer beater in 2 OT and racked up 42 points, Tracy McGrady scored 43, but those were nothing compared to Kobe Bryant.

Too bad this performance was on the same day as the NFC and AFC title games, and will go under the spotlight.  This accomplishment was arguably tougher than Wilt Chamberlain scoring 100 points years ago, considering Chamberlain towered over his opponents in 1962.  Bryant has been playing on the same scoring pace as we do when playing video game basketball - scoring 30-40 points in 20 minute games.  Just unreal.

Maria Sharapova and Andy RoddickRoddick lost in the fourth round to unseeded Marcos Baghdatis in four sets earlier today.  Baghdatis is a former junior world champion, so we may hear his name a lot more before his career is all said and done. Fans were hoping for a big name matchup between Roger Federer and Andy Roddick in the finals due to injuries to Marat Safin, Andre Agassi and Rafael Nadal and Aussie favorite Lleyton Hewitt being eliminated.  Roddick and Federer had been in the finals of the previous two Wimbledons. 

Roddick can at least now take it easy and watch eye-candy super-star Maria Sharapova, whom he has been linked to.  Others may speculate that Roddick is suffering from the curse of Lacoste, which he is sponsoring.  In his 2003 US Open victory, Roddick was a Reebok spokesman.

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