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Shaun Alexander MCP

The Seattle Seahawks were crying foul of no respect all season long.  Now they’ll have at least some of the recognition they were looking for.  The beginning of this season started off with Alexander in a contract dispute with Seahawk management over a long term extension deal.  They ended up agreeing to a one-year franchise offer, meaning the average salary of the top 5 peers in the same position.  It looks Seattle made a good return on their investment.

Alexander led the Seahawks to the NFC’s best record and home-field advantage until the Super Bowl.  Sometimes, bickering with management during the season over a contract could easily distract the player and the rest of the team, but Alexander didn’t make any noise and just let his play speak for itself.


Maurice Clarett Ok, so maybe, just maybe, this wasn’t the right move.

Maurice Clarett has been in the news quite a bit with his recent legal woes, this has made me wonder what if he were selected in this past years’ NFL draft by another ballclub.  Some notable running backs that were taken after Clarett were fourth rounders: Marion Barber of the Dallas Cowboys, Brandon Jacobs of the New York Giants, and sixth rounder Cedric Houston of the New York Jets.  All of whom have played a fairly large role for their teams this year.

Maybe the Tuna, coach Bill Parcells could have gave Clarett some of that tough love he has known to give to some of his “troubled” players.  New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin is almost of the same tough love mold, Coughlin being an ex-assistant to Parcells.  Coach Herman Edwards also is well-known for caring for his players off the field as much if not more than even on the field.  Maybe in these environments, Clarett could have steered clear of his legal troubles after being released by the Denver Broncos.  I’m not hear to second guess the Denver Broncos, many expert analysts thought if Clarett was going to succeed, Denver would be the perfect place, where many non high-profile RB’s with even less talent than Clarett have succeeded.  Denver had such great depth at the RB position they could afford to gamble.  Denver’s third round selection gamble did not hurt the organization, but maybe Clarett was the one who ended up getting burned.

Norv Turner became the sixth NFL head coaching casualty since the end of the season, joining Mike Martz, Mike Tice, Mike Sherman, Jim Haslett and Dom Capers on the unemployment line.  You could see the end of the line for Norv Turner when Randy Moss was interviewed in the middle of the season, and was asked his opinion of Turner.  In pro sports when it comes down to the star player or the head coach, the head coach usually turns out to be the loser.  The Raiders were unable to have a balanced offense attack all year long, even though WR Randy Moss, and RB Lamont Jordan joined the team, and expectations were raised.

With disappointing stops in Oakland and previously in Washington for seven years from ‘94-‘00,  I wonder what teams would now take a chance on Turner as their head coach or even as their offensive coordinator.  The NFL is purely a results driven league and Turner has taken his teams to only one playoff appearance in his 9 total seasons as head coach.

Damon Stoudamire Guard Damon Stoudamire of the Memphis Grizzlies suffered a torn tendon in his knee last night in Portland.  He and new backcourt-mate Eddies Jones, have been leading the Grizzlies to another playoff bound season.  This will be a big blow to the team, as Stoudamire was already named team co-captain along with Jones in just their first year on the team.  They will now rely on their other point guard Bobby Jackson, who has been injury prone.  They may take a look at a familiar face in Earl Watson, who has not seen many minutes in Denver behind Andre Miller and Earl Boykins in the depth chart.

Saints Go HomeThe Saints and the NFL have come to an agreement in where they will play next season and it looks like they are going home.  After lots of speculation about San Antonio and Los Angeles, looks like they will be going to their regular facility just outside of New Orleans and expect to play the majority of regular season games at the Superdome.  Wasn’t it in shambles?  Apperantly the damage that was reported to be unrepairable has suddenly been


mistaken by Saints’ officials previously

Happy Birthday LebronJust 21 years ago, an NBA Legend-to-be was born.  To grace us with many a thunderous dunks, to soar to the beyond and contest Micheal Jordan’s greatness.  More importantly than all of this: the limos, the women, and all the money in the world graces one of the most beloved 21 year olds in the nation.  A genuine Happy Birthday Lebron, basketball plans on never being the same without you.  Oh, and stop asking Carmelo “how to score” just becuase he’s older.  Keep your concentration on the Pistons tomorrow.

Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant will miss 2 games for the elbow shot he gave Mike Miller of the Grizzlies during Wednesday night’s game. Bryant took an accidental shot from Miller earlier in the game. The Lakers sure need an enforcer on team to make sure stuff like that doesn’t happen to its star player, someone to play the Charles Oakley, Dale Davis type role. Thanks for nothing, Kwame Brown, Andrew Bynum. I thought high school kids were supposed to stick up for each other.

Oklahoma takes itThis game caught my eye last night, I’ve been hearing that the Ducks were being disrespected by not being invited to a BCS bowl game. With the result, the bowl selection committee was correct. The final score 17-14, with the Ducks threatening to score in the final minutes, already in field goal range, Ducks quaterback throws an interception to end the game.

Funny notes towards the end of the game: Brady Leaf (Oregon) threw an INT with 33 seconds on the enemy 10 yard line.  Brady is the younger brother of failed NFL QB Ryan Leaf - who oddly enough is well known for throwing lots of INTs. After the play, the linebacker Clint Ingram was called for a unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for celebrating.  On the insueing play on offense, Oklahoma QB Rhett Bomar was called for the same penalty after spiking the ball in celebration, which stopped the clock. On the next down they needed to take a knee again and let time expire, Oklahoma now was almost at their own endzone, almost causing a safety or fumble. Don’t blame it all on Leaf though, he was orginally the third-string QB.

Glory Road indeedThe Media Giant, aka Rulers of the Free World, aka Disney will hit us up with “Glory Road” on January 13th of ‘06.  Granted they want the strongest possible audience, so it was a good call dodging “The Chronicles of Narnia”, “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” and of course “King Kong.”  Jerry Bruckheimer produces the film adding to his long line of successes, but while he’s mostly known for blockbusters, how did he come on to this project.  Surely this will be a sappy story about a topic that has been beaten to death so many times: the 1966 All-Black Starting lineup of Texas Western.

Don’t get me wrong, this was a great moment in Black History.  Don’t you think the African American community, as well as the rest of the movie going audience deserve a Martin Luther King Jr. movie by now?  Disney is even releasing the movie on the weekend we observe his Birthday.  He will surely roll over in his grave that Friday when he sees Matthew McConaughey lookalike, Josh Lucas, portraying a revolutionary white leader, Don Haskins.

Pat RileyNot only do the USC Trojans have to worry about the Texas Longhorns in the Rose Bowl, but they are trying to be stopped by NBA coach Rat Riley’s lawyers. Coach Riley came up with the phrase and actually has a trademark on its use: If anyone else uses “threepeat” or “3peat”, he can demand financial reward for infringement. Anyone who wants to manufacture clothing with the term “3peat” will need to get a license from Riles & Co.

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